8 Myths About Drip Campaigns You Should Stop Believing

When it comes to email marketing, optimization is key. The latest helper is email drip campaigns – a tool that helps you build and send triggered emails based on your recipients’ actions.

These tools are also sometimes called email automation tools and automated email senders. Thanks to the automation and the triggers, these tools help you save money, time and still keep your email campaigns relevant to the recipient’s interests and needs.

Despite how good all of this sounds, many email marketers still prefer to send out their campaigns and follow-ups manually. When asked why they provide plenty of reasons. Most of them – myths that should have been dispelled a long time ago.

Which is what we’re going to do.

Myth #1
Automation tools are for email marketing campaigns only

Of course, email automation was initially developed to make sending email campaigns easier. But with each year this is becoming less and less true.

Automated campaigns can be used for a variety of purposes. The most popular uses these days are prospect nurturing, warming up leads, holiday marketing, and onboarding emails, along with the usual promo campaigns. Anyone from outreach to sales can use automation tools, and once again, the only limit is your imagination.

Myth #2
Automation is a solution for big companies

Big businesses love automation. Why? Because it saves time and money – the two things none of us wants to waste. And where big companies can afford to have whole departments working on a task, small businesses usually have a couple of people multitasking to the extreme.  

Why not take one of the most time-consuming parts of their responsibilities off their shoulders? Leave email marketing to automated email marketing tools, sit back and collect the results.

Myth #3
Automation is expensive

Contrary to popular belief, email marketing automation tools are extremely affordable for both big and small businesses. Many automation tools offer freemiums alongside paid plans starting at around $20. The best tactic here is to look for email marketing automation platforms that combine a couple of tools, like email finder, verifier, sender, and checker, all within the same tool.

Moreover, according to Campaign Monitor research, every dollar spent on email marketing generates $44. Money well spent, no?

Myth #4
Automation is complicated

Yeah, the first automation services were difficult to deal with and you had to have some deeply specific knowledge to use them to their full potential. But time does not stand still: most processes have been updated, streamlined, and more importantly, automated.

Every step, from an automated email campaign creation to results analysis, is simplified to the max. As an example, you can look at out review/guide to Snov.io Drip Campaigns. You don’t need to have experience, you don’t need to program a sequence, you don’t even have to be good at math to analyze the campaign – the program does everything for you. Features like drag-n-drop campaign builder and real-time visual stats will help you save time on prep and data analysis.

Myth #5
Automation is impersonal

This is the biggest misconception surrounding email automation: most believe the fast-good-cheap triangle to be universal, but the truth is automated email campaigns are easy to create, affordable, and actually good. Drip campaigns make sure your email looks as personal and human-like as possible with the help of personalization tags.

No, you don’t need to compromise. Yes, you can use your usual email copy for the drip campaign. You can even use your Gmail. And yes, your email will look just as good. If anything, automated email campaigns make sure you don’t forget to personalize and target the actually interested prospects exactly when they can be converted the easiest.

Myth #6
Automation will do everything for me

No, it won’t. But it will do all the boring parts for you.
No more manual campaign sending, no more monotonous follow-ups, no more browsing through the sea of prospects trying to sort the interested leads from the rest. It’s all done automatically and presented to you in a comprehensive and understandable way.

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to collect the right leads, create a good email copy, or plan your campaign sending times first. We’ve created these handy guides to help you nail your email campaigns every time.

Myth #7
Automation decreases CTR and open rate

Some marketers falsely believe that automation equals bulk emailing and spamming, and subsequently, their CTR, open rate and sender reputation will plummet.

That’s simply not true. A survey by GetResponse proves that automated triggered emails get some of the highest open and click-through rates, as well as lead to a fall in unsubscriptions and spam reports.

Myth #8
Automation is spam

Let’s get one thing straight. Bulk emails aka spam are sent to large groups of recipients regardless of their interests, the sender’s target audience, or the offer. Their goal is to target as many people as possible through quantity, not quality.

Email automation helps you reach your clearly defined, highly targeted audience with almost surgical precision. You know exactly who you’re emailing and why. It’s just that you don’t have to worry about forgetting to follow up on a lead.

Automation is one of the best practices in contemporary marketing. It helps you send tailor-made emails depending on the recipient’s actions. Your emails aren’t sent mindlessly, they’re sent with regard to the recipient’s interest.

Summing Up

Automation is a gift to any marketer, be it a busy multitasker or a member of a corporate marketing department. Email drip campaigns are multi-purpose, relevant for all business sizes, affordable, easy, personalized, time-saving, good for CTR and open rates.

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