Snovio team worked on new features for some time.

    First of all, we’d like to thank you for your support and recommendations. All the suggestions will help to improve Snovio.

    Find Email function

    This function was expanded to bulk emails search
    • Upload a file in CSV format with first and last name as well as domain name.
    • Snovio will find emails for these names
    • Emails that are found will be verified automatically

    Twitter search

    This function works same as LinkedIn search. Simply type in the name and select people tab, then click on Snovio extension. The emails will be verified and added to your list.

    Export to CSV is upgraded

    We added extra fields that contain more information.
    The information about country, city, state and locality  will be added when possible.
    You can also see the uploading progress of CSV file.

    If you have any features in your mind that can be useful for you and others you can always submit your suggestions and we will try to implement them if possible.

    Dana Rudenko is the chief editor at Snovio Labs, bringing you the freshest marketing content and exclusive insights from the world's most successful startups. In her free time you can find her creating playlists, gardening, or googling dogs in cowboy costumes.


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