Data Profiling Tools

Data Profiling Tools

Data Profiling Tools

With the advancement of lead generation platforms, companies focus more on the importance of accurate data. Data profiling tools help businesses keep their data clean, up to date and free from errors. The high validity of data opens new ways for building an effective marketing strategy.

Correct lists of data allow you to build a direct communication channel with your prospects. Highly valid data brings you bulk lists of names, email addresses, and professions that you can use to target a specific audience. This reduces the cost and inefficiency to enable a higher response rate.

Purpose Of Data Profiling

Data profiling examines the given data from an information source and gathers statistics on it. You can use these statistics for:

  • Checking if the data can be used for other purposes.
  • Verifying the validity of any given data.
  • Cleaning the data to remove common errors.
  • Tagging data according to specific keywords, categories or descriptions.
  • Marking frequently used data.
  • Reviewing if the data accurately describes the given values in a database.

4 Reasons To Use Data Profiling Tools

Here are the main reasons why businesses choose to work with data profiling tools.

  1. Accurate Data

The main feature of data profiling tools is making sure that you are targeting a real person. With this feature at your disposal, you can start an outreach campaign or communicate with people on a more personal level. Moreover, accurate data lists allow you to target precisely the right prospects, which later have a higher chance to be converted into sales-ready leads.

  1. High Speed

Industry demands a fast and efficient approach, especially when working with Big Data. A manual approach to data profiling takes too much time and effort which can result in a heavy money loss. Data profiling tools offer an automatic approach for cleaning your data from duplicates, typos and invalid information. This results in a much better ROI rate.

  1. Remove Duplicates

Sending an email to the same company multiple times proves to be harmful for your business reputation. Keep your database clean not only from frequently used emails but also from duplicate data. With data profiling tools you can schedule automatic cleaning of your data lists to keep it in order at all times.

  1. Keeps Data Up To Date

Addresses change or are abandoned for various reasons. People change jobs and companies migrate to new domains. Which means that no one might receive your message unless you keep it up to date. This can be applied to any other data, like current job and location, not just emails.

Here at Snovio, we have a great email verification service. This is a browser extension that allows you to automatically verify a bulk amount of email addresses from any website on the Internet.

If you want to integrate our tool into your service, you can use the Snovio API.


Data profiling tools reduce the costs of improving data quality. It automates the process so your team can focus on targeting your prospects. The main advantages of these tools are accuracy and speed. You get a clean, duplicate-free, valid email list relatively fast so you can immediately start your marketing campaign.

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