How Much Email Outreach Costs And How To Save

    Modern companies use quite a huge stack of software and tools to successfully run their business. When it comes to a digital business, the number of tools a company uses is even bigger. Every department, whether it’s Sales, Marketing, or Customer Success, has its own stack of tools.

    Advanced email marketers know it hits the budget; newcomers should know they might face this problem soon. I will show you various approaches and scenarios to help you save by optimizing your email outreach stack of tools.


    What are the email outreach phases?

    The bigger your department is and the bigger objectives you set, the more phases your outreach process will consist of. I’ve defined three main email outreach steps every company goes through, they are: lead generation or sourcing, email verification, and campaign sending.

    Phase 1: Lead generation/sourcing

    Phase one of email outreach is always lead generation/sourcing. It’s usually done through one or a combination of these ways:

    • marketing methods such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, affiliate networks;
    • by extracting leads from websites, social networks, 3rd party databases, etc.

    Neither of these methods are free, but the second one is cheaper, which is why most companies prefer it. In this case, specific tools or database access come to the rescue. The first method presents too many variables specific to your niche to calculate a specific estimate, but we will try to use average figures.  

    How much does lead generation cost?

    Let’s establish the goal – 10,000 leads. That’s the number of leads we need to generate or source, verify, and send our outreach or mailing campaign to.

    We strongly suggest generating leads the most affordable way – using lead sourcing tools, but we wouldn’t be presenting the full picture if we didn’t cover other methods:

    • Databases – $$
      Databases are great for when you need a large number of leads right there and now, or need highly enriched leads with extra information that can be used for scoring, segmentation, and personalization. The prices vary a lot – from $1,000 to $10,000 per 10,000 leads, sometimes more depending on lead quality and enrichment level.
      Please note, we take into consideration only decent lead databases, not email lists sold for spamming purposes.
    • Marketing methods – $$$
      As you know, these usually include generating leads by running targeted campaigns to relevant audiences that later convert into leads through forms on landing pages. Depending on your business niche, targeting and other parameters, one lead acquired with the help of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or any other paid ads, can cost anywhere between $1 and $12 dollars. Let’s say, $2-3 per lead on average. So 10,000 leads will cost you… A LOT.
    • Lead sourcing – $
      Lead sourcing is based on using tools that allow you to source targeted, interested leads from websites, social networks, web catalogs and more. Lead sourcing tools usually charge about $0.006 to $0.04 per lead, so building a list of 10,000 leads will cost you $60 to $400, depending on the service you choose.

    How to save

    I am all about saving, and my way of saving on (the already affordable) lead sourcing option is by finding the tool that works best for my needs. I have chosen Snovio’s Email Finder, which charges half the minimum price on the market – about $0,003 per lead. The price per lead varies depending on the pricing plan you choose, but the larger the plan – the less you pay.

    This tool will come up again later, so for the sake of the experiment let’s choose the L plan for $79/month which will give you 25,000 monthly credits. We will be spending 10,000 of those on lead sourcing, so we have 15,000 left for the next steps.

    How much you save on lead generation

    You have a few options (all numbers are averages per 10,000 leads):

    • Databases – $3,000
    • Marketing methods – $20,000 – $30,000
    • Lead sourcing through specialized tools – $150
    • Our all-in-one tool choice (Snovio) – $79

    Using Snovio, you save from $71 to an insane $29,921 on lead generation.
    And this is just the first step.

    Phase 2: Email verification

    Before the actual sending, you need to be sure your leads (or to be more specific their email addresses) are valid. To make sure your message gets to the reader at all, you need to run a verification process – the one process that can’t be performed manually for free, no way around it.

    You may ask “Do I need to verify at all?”. Yes, you do. To maintain your sender reputation and save money on not sending to invalid emails, it’s best to use a verifier.

    There are a few main checks every email in your prospect list will go through to determine its validity status:

    • Syntax check determines if the email is spelled correctly, all the symbols are in place, and no forbidden symbols are used.
    • Domain existence check verifies that the domain the email address is associated with exists.
    • MX record check assesses whether the mail exchange entry listed in the email address is an actual, registered and hosted domain name, which can be accessed online.
    • SMTP Authentication or pinging an email address is a more complex way to see if the email actually exists.

    When an email successfully passes these checks, you can be sure your message will reach the person you need with no issues.

    How much does email verification cost?

    Email verification is a sophisticated process but verification services are offered by many companies. We have previously posted a comparison page for all the top email verifiers on the market. Email verification services are usually sold in packages (1,000 emails, 5,000 emails, 10,000 emails, and so on), so you need a package that will allow you to verify at least 10,000 leads.

    Prices vary from $0,005 to $0,2 per email. Currently the average price of verification is $0,01 per email, but, once again, for the sake of the experiment let’s take the lowest price on the market – $0,005. Therefore, verifying 10,000 leads will cost you $50.

    How to save

    Our choice saves us again. Remember how we got the L plan for $79 and still have 15,000 credits left after lead generation? Well, we can use those to verify our collected leads! That’s right, we basically get the verification for free.

    Snovio verification costs 0,5 credit per email from your own list, or (and this is the best part) only 0,1 credit per email found through Snovio. This means you will only spend 1,000 credits we have left on list verification, with 14,000 left in case you want to add more leads to your list after verification.

    How much you save on verification

    Like I said, we’ll be comparing with the most affordable option on the market (price per 10,000 verifications):

    • The most affordable verification plan – $50
    • Our all-in-one tool choice (Snovio) – $0 (using the credits left over from Phase 1)

    At this step, the all-on-one factor really comes into play: we are spending absolutely nothing to verify collected leads, because both tools belong to the same platform and you don’t need to buy a separate plan, saving at least $50.

    Phase 3: Campaign sending

    When it comes to sending a campaign to a list of 10,000 prospects, you need a tool that will help you streamline and organize the process. A tool to help you track opens, clicks, and replies, and easily build automated triggered email flows and schedule follow-ups. What you need is a drip campaigns tool.

    How much does email sending cost?

    If you want to deliver your messages the smart way by using behaviour triggers, smart timing and segmentation, sending to 10,000 leads will cost you from $40 to $250. But what if you could do it all for free?

    How to save

    Using the same platform – Snovio – you get smart drip campaigns including all the features described above already included in the $79 price tag. So, for free.

    How much you save on campaign sending

    You save 100% of the usual price of campaign sending. What’s even better, Snovio limits you only in prospects, meaning you can send as many emails to the same prospect as you need.

    • The most affordable sending plan – $40
    • Our all-in-one tool – $0 (using the purchased plan from Phase 1)

    The final results

    When it comes to the final decision, there are always two factors at play – price tag and convenience.


    Numbers speak for themselves:

    Email Outreach Price


    All Snovio tools work within the same platform, meaning you don’t need to buy 3 separate plans for lead gen, verification, and sending. You can manage every step of the way through the same dashboard.

    What you save with Snovio

    Save with Snovio


    Hope we’ve successfully shown you that using all-in-one outreach platforms like Snovio is the perfect way to save on your outreach. Start saving today.

    Try Snovio for free

    Paul is a digital marketer and growth hacker with 10 years of experience. Currently a CMO at PromoRepublic and the founder of, Paul Shuteyev also consults digital businesses on various digital marketing aspects, such as lead generation, PPC, inbound strategies, conversion optimization and more.


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