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Approving a new request is a painful process, especially when your company is on a tight budget. We understand this, which is why we’ve created this guide to help you prepare for That Talk.
The pros of using a new tool or service may seem obvious to you, but to your boss, it may be a matter of numbers, so you will need to present your case in the best way possible.

Collect the information about the service

It doesn’t matter who’s the decision-maker in your company – your CEO, the department manager, or the whole accounting department, your evidence has to be solid. Start with this data:

1. Price

Budgets change, and with you can be as flexible as you want. works on a subscription-based model and offers several plans to choose from depending on your budget and company size.

We are always on our customer’s side, which is why:

  • Each plan, including the free one, gives you full access to all tools, extensions, and features on the platform – you are only limited by the number of credits in your plan.
  • As a reward to our loyal customers, we offer 2 months for free when purchasing a yearly plan.
  • If you haven’t found a plan that’s right for you, you can contact our team at and we will create a larger custom plan just for you.

2. Tools and features is a combination of tools developed to streamline your workflow. When preparing your case, make sure to show exactly how much value can be gained from using an all-in-one platform, in terms of both money and time. offers the following tools:

Web app

  • Email Finder
    All emails collected through the Chrome extension or API will be stored on the Prospects page of your account.
  • Email Verifier
    You can verify your emails by one or in bulk through lists directly in your account, or through the Chrome extension.
  • Email Drip Campaigns
    Build your own email drip campaign with triggers, timers, and goals using the drag-and-drop campaign building tool. Choose one of the lists of prospects in your profile to send your campaign to. Use personalization attributes to get better results. Analyze your drip campaigns in real-time. You can even pause and edit your campaigns after they’ve been launched.
  • Domain Search
    Find and collect all email addresses connected to a domain. This tool is also available as a Bulk Domain Search.
  • Company Profile Search
    Find companies with contacts based on their location, industry, size, founding date, name, or specialties.
  • Social URL Search
    Upload a list with links to social profiles and receive a list of email addresses associated with these profiles.
  • Emails From Names
    Upload a CSV file with first name, last name and domain name to find email addresses in bulk.
  • Linker
    Fill in the Job Title, Skills, and Location fields and receive a list of pages to search your prospects on. Use Email Finder extension to collect your prospects.
  • Technology Checker
    Choose the technology and receive a list of websites using those technologies.

Chrome extensions (directly connected and synchronized to the web app)

  • Email Finder
    Collects emails on any website you visit. Just find the website you need to collect your prospects on and launch the extension. All collected emails will be sent to your profile for further use.
  • Email Verifier
    Works together with the web app to verify emails right as you collect them. Makes it easy to verify individual emails and analyze the collected emails.
  • Email Tracker
    Monitors how many times your sent emails have been opened and links clicked. Available as a free standalone Chrome extension that integrates seamlessly into your Gmail interface.
  • Web Technology Checker
    Visit your prospects’ websites and immediately see what technologies they use.


  • Email Finder
  • Email Verifier

Find out more about our API here.

3. The Benefits

The main directions your company or department will benefit in are profitability, time and workload. Any information is best processed in a form of a list, so make sure you present yours as a list as well:

  1. No more manual search. With the Email Finder extension you can parse any website you need to collect emails directly into the Prospect lists, ready for enrichment, segmentation, and further use.
  2. Bulk options. Be it email search by domain or email verification, offers tools to deal with these tasks in bulk. Upload your domain or email list to the platform and let us take care of the rest with Bulk Domain Search and Email Verifier. supports multiple formats (Excel, CSV and TXT).
  3. An all-in-one platform. According to research from the American Psychological Association, “even brief mental blocks created by shifting between tasks can cost as much as 40 percent of someone’s productive time”. Meaning every time you or your employees have to switch between platforms to find, verify, and track emails, create campaigns and analyze results, your productivity falls, and simple tasks drag on forever. Having all tools on a single platform will solve this problem and offer a comfortable, efficient way to navigate everyday workflow.
  4. Automation. Automation is on the rise, and automating your email marketing process can save you hours of time every day. allows to automate lead generation, email verification, and even email campaign sending with triggered Email Drip Campaigns.
  5. Affordable. The all-in-one nature of the platform and affordable subscription plans make a real bargain your whole marketing and sales department can utilize on a daily basis without draining the budget.


Make sure all statements you present to your boss can be confirmed by actual stats and analysis you conduct. Use our free plan to test every tool and measure exactly how it improved your productivity. The two main aspects you will be questioned on are the following:

  • Profitability. This is the #1 stat you will need. Measure how much money you can save your department by replacing multiple separate tool subscriptions for lead generation, email verification, email sending, etc. with a single subscription for’s all-in-one platform. Having all tools in one ecosystem under one price tag makes it easy to measure and control your expenses.
  • Time. The tools you use have to minimize the time you spend on an individual task, or, in this case, your whole workflow. Measure the time it takes you to perform each individual task with, as well as the time you save by not having to switch between platforms. Mention the role of automation (API, Drip Campaigns) in improving your workflow efficiency.

Use psychology

If cold hard facts are not convincing enough for your decision-maker, use psychology.

    1. As a marketing/sales specialist you understand the importance of talking less about yourself, and more about the prospect. Your boss may not care how uncomfortable it is to switch between platforms. They won’t care because they pay you to jump over these obstacles. To convince, you have to show them which of their problems can be solved.
    2. Use the opportunity cost strategy. Opportunity cost will show your boss just how much they will lose if they miss out on the opportunity to implement Use actual stats you have collected during analysis to convince them. Your pitch should sound something like this (don’t forget to insert your own, relevant data). “Purchasing a subscription plan from will give us a [45%] rise in quality lead generation, while the automation tools they offer will improve our efficiency by [300%]. If we don’t start using, we will be losing [800$] and [40 hours/month] on email campaigns alone.
    3. Gain some support from your co-workers. Before you pitch your idea, make sure you have at least a couple of co-workers on your side. Going it alone can have its benefits, just not when you’re trying to convince your boss. Show that your opinion is shared and supported.

Be ready for questions

Your boss will inevitably have questions and objections regarding the tools you need for work. Be prepared to hear the following:

We can’t afford it. offers the most affordable and flexible subscription plans for all the tools on the market. If an email verifier is a primary tool you will be using, check this article for a price comparison of top email verifiers on the market. can accommodate any budget.

What if you need some additional tools next week? offers all tools an email marketer or sales specialist may need, from lead generation to email tracking, no additional tools needed. In fact, regularly adds new tools, features, and extensions to the platform, all covered by a single subscription plan.

Who will use it? can be valuable for any specialist. There are no limitations. You can use it alone or have your whole company on a single account. Tools like email finder and email tracker can be used by everyone from your boss to the receptionist.

Do we really need it?

Try to create a comprehensive test case on features your company is most interested in and present the end results to your boss. A simple example of such a test would be this article on our email verifier.

This platform might be too complicated for our [74-year-old] Doris from Sales. makes sure all tools are simple and easy-to-use. If any team member has a question on how to use a tool, you can find detailed guides with screenshots for every feature, tool, and extension in our Knowledgebase.

Ask Us For Help

If you still don’t know how to convince your boss, or feel like your case just isn’t strong enough, we’ll be more than happy to help.

If you didn’t find the answers you were looking for in our Knowledgebase, drop us a line via Support Chat or email with any questions you have regarding our service. We may even arrange a demo.

We are here to help you get the best possible results.

Good luck.

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