Need more leads but don’t know where to find them? Having multiple lead sources will increase your chances of finding new leads. Yes, there is LinkedIn, a social business platform for employers or employees and Facebook, the largest social media network that connects people from all around the world. But besides LinkedIn and Facebook, there’s Twitter, a popular platform for social interactions and news.

Twitter can be used as a solid tool for lead generation. This platform allows you to grab the attention of your customers and leads by posting news or reports about your featured products. Let’s explore the wide range of possibilities Twitter offers for extracting qualified leads.

Study the process of Twitter sales

To integrate the Twitter sales process into your campaign, first, you need to understand how the lead sales process has changed over the recent years. Now with the help of social media platforms, you can target your leads with tailored ads.

Your consumers don’t want to be forced to go to your platform. Instead, let them decide to come because they are interested. Lead generation on Twitter should focus on providing something of value to your prospects and creating new ways of marketing through the platform.

The main part of effective lead generation is building bonds with your audience. People should know that you care about them and won’t just to spam their DMs with ads. Try engaging positively with them by providing valuable offers.

Create a Twitter Landing Page

Your main idea as a marketer is to generate leads and move them to your platform. A great way of doing this is to create valuable assets on your landing page, you can create infographics to attract more people there.

A Twitter Landing Page is practically the same as any other landing page, you just provide a link to it through Twitter.

Here are some tips on building a compelling landing page:

  • A direct link to your landing page. People should land right on it after they click the link.
  • Keep it simple and short. Your landing page should have a simple design and give concise information on the subject matter.
  • One landing, one CTA. Don’t use multiple calls to action. Users shouldn’t be overwhelmed by the things they can do.
  • Responsive Design. Make sure your landing looks perfectly fine on mobile devices. Most Twitter users scroll the feed on a mobile phone.
  • Visitor count. Track the number of people who’ve visited your page and calculate the conversion rate. This will help improve your platform in the future.

Insert Call To Action in your Twitter account

A Call To Action is used to encourage users to complete certain actions, either following a link or filling an opt-in form. Twitter has a different way of implementing CTAs. A simple CTA would be a background image in your profile calling visitors to do something on the page or a tweet asking them to click a link.

Don’t overuse CTAs. You should have one CTA and stick to it, this makes it easier for your customers to follow your campaign.

You can also use Canva, a nice tool for creating backgrounds for Twitter. You don’t need any graphic design knowledge to use it. Just upload an image you want to use as a background and you are good to go!

Use Hashtags

The hashtag system allows users to categorize Tweets and attach a keyword to them. You can create your own hashtag by simply putting a # symbol in front of the word. This helps promote the context of the message you are trying to send to the recipient. The great thing about hashtags is how easily they can be searched. Carefully chosen keywords can push your campaign further into Twitter’s trending list and help potential prospects find you.

With such a system in place, we can use hashtags to make our tweets appear to our targeted audience. Don’t try to use trending hashtags – even though it allows you to bring more attention to your campaign, it can hurt your reputation if your tweet isn’t related to a trend by any means.

Use Advanced Search

twitter advanced search

With Advanced Search, you can go deeper and explore the trending topics of Twitter. You can get data searching by location, keywords, and hashtags. With this data at your disposal, you can create more complex strategies for outreach campaigns.

For example, discover the most popular hashtag that your targeted prospects are using in your location and send tweets using these hashtags. Your tweets will be more responsive, as they will get right to the people interested in your topics.  

Promote with Twitter Ads

Promote with Twitter Ads

Twitter Ads are objective-oriented campaigns based on pre-built marketing strategies. All objectives are divided into their own categories:

  • App Installs (advertise your mobile and desktop solutions)
  • Followers (boost your follower count)
  • Tweet Engagements (boost your Tweets for better responses)
  • Promoted video views (increase the visibility of your media content)
  • Website clicks or conversions (promote visits and actions on your page)
  • App re-engagements (get your users back to using your application)
  • Awareness (let every targeted lead see your email)

Choose the objective best suited for your marketing campaign, don’t try to cover everything, just focus your resources on the relevant objective and nail it down. Directing your marketing strategy towards one objective will increase your chances of a successful promotion.

The key component to any Twitter lead generation campaign is to engage with your audience by taking part in related discussions and generating more retweets and likes.

Promote Mode

Promote Mode

Promote Mode is an automated marketing solution for your tweets in a Twitter campaign. In this mode, your first 10 tweets will get the Promoted status and will be visible to all your potential brand prospects. Promote Mode will also enable Promoted Account which will attract more users to your Twitter profile page. Twitter Promote Mode is available at a flat fee of 99 USD per month. Here’s what Promote Mode can offer:

  • Push your brand without manually maintaining ads. It will do all the background work of pushing your brand for you while you are working on your marketing campaign.
  • Low-cost promoting mechanism. This paid plan has a price tag affordable for any business willing to boost their Twitter campaign. Twitter is planning to add higher paid plans with more useful marketing features.
  • Boost best Tweets on a daily basis. The Promote system will automatically advertise your best tweets. Focus on creating engaging tweets and let Twitter do the rest.

This feature is fully automated and doesn’t require any tweaking. Just select a few options and then you are up and running.

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics

Twitter Analytics helps you analyze your tweets and gain detailed insight on your followers’ behavior. With this tool, you will know the full impact of any content related to your field. Analytics has three main sections you can use to study your prospects:

  • Home page tracks all the activities on your Twitter promotion campaign and provides full statistics for the whole month. It also highlights the greatest tweets you’ve posted recently. You can analyze your best performing tweets and see the most active people in your audience.
  • Dashboard will provide you with accurate metrics for all the tweets you’ve posted. You will see full statistics on your tweets like visibility rate, likes, retweets, and replies.
  • Audience insights keeps track of the prospects who followed your Twitter account. You will be able to measure your lead gaining process and study the geography, demographics, and behavior of your leads.

Email Finder and Verifier Tools for extracting Prospects from Twitter

Twitter is a great source of leads where you can gather email addresses from your targeted audience. It’s a platform with vast amounts of data and enriched leads who are just waiting to be found. You can try either manual or automated approaches.

The manual approach involves searching through a user’s Twitter bio on your own. Even though it’s the easiest way to get an email address it’s very time-consuming.

An automated approach takes way less time and effort to extract valuable data. Moreover, if you are interested in building a bulk list of enriched email addresses you should definitely give this method a try.

Automation is achieved by using an email address finder coupled with email verifier tools.  

An Email Finder is a great tool for extracting bulk data and building an email address list for cold mailing campaigns. With an email finder, you can simply export a bulk list of email addresses and use it for your needs.

An Email Verifier is a simple tool for validating and enriching your email lists. This tool removes invalid and highly bouncy emails thus enriching your data.

Snov.io offers both the email finder and verifier tools on one platform. Using Snov.io you can extract email addresses from Twitter and access them from your dashboard. From here you can verify them or immediately start a mailing campaign.

These tools are also available as Chrome extensions. Install them in your browser to use whenever you want.

The Snov.io API is available if you want to integrate email finding and verification solutions directly into your platform.


We hope these strategies shed some light on how to get leads from Twitter. You don’t need to use all of them. Pick one that suits your business the best. Craft unique messages for your targeted prospects and track the conversion rates of your Twitter campaign.

Finally, we suggest you take your Twitter marketing campaign slowly.  Building a relationship with your audience is vital for converting your new leads into sales leads.


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