How to Grab Your Lead’s Attention: 8 Alternative Methods

The lead generation process is just half of the outbound marketing campaign journey. To make your leads count you need to convert them into sales. However, what if ordinary sales pitches and promotional letters don’t work for your audience or you want to try something fresh and new?

No worries, there are many attention-grabbing methods you can try. The main challenge of outbound campaigns is getting responses or conversations because every deal closed starts with a reply or a simple conversation.

In this article, we will share eight alternative methods of grabbing your lead’s attention. These methods will definitely help you start a conversation, meet with someone in person or convert your leads into webinar or event attendees.

Let’s get straight to business and see what alternative methods, besides sales pitches and promotional letters, you can use to improve your outbound marketing campaigns!

1. Share their content

This is a good method to grab someone’s attention. Go and see if that person or company has published any posts on the web – it could be their blog, Medium profile, article on Linkedin, or even a useful Facebook post.

When you’ve found a valuable piece of content published by your lead, just share it and mention it in your email message. It’s a great way to start a conversation because you’ve already done something helpful in advance!

2. Ask them to share your content

This method is quite similar to the one described above, only this time you are asking them to share your content. Make sure this doesn’t look like a massive request – make your email stand out. Call them an expert and ask them to evaluate your content and share it if they like it.

You can convert a lead in 2 ways – either by including a Call to Action (CTA) in your content (to a free webinar, downloadable e-book or demo request), or by offering an opportunity to discuss this topic with you in person, or by phone. That’s how you can grab your lead’s attention to start a conversation or convert them.

3. Ask them for feedback

This method is better than just asking your leads to share content because it works not only with content but literally everything. This method consists of asking your leads for feedback – on your product, on your content, on your ideas, or anything else you can imagine.

It works because people like to feel respected and when you ask them for feedback you’re basically calling them “experts”. It’s a great way to grab leads’ attention because they will evaluate something related to them, and if they like it you will be able to close a deal easily.

4. Connect on social media (with a twist)

This is a proven method. Many of us underestimate the power of social invitations because many marketers just don’t dive deep enough or execute them correctly. Social media connections work well when they’re a part of your outbound campaign.

To make it work do the following – first, invite a person on social media, and send them a quick short personal message that you’ve emailed them something interesting. Then send them an email containing your offer/pitch/invitation to webinar/request for feedback or anything else. This method increases open rates and reply rates dramatically!

5. Comment on their blog or publications

This method is similar to social connections but less intrusive. You don’t overstep the line of personal contact but comment on their blog post or publication on social media instead. Make your comment look unique and informed!

Once you’ve commented, send them an email mentioning you like their post and have left a comment. That’s a good way to start a discussion on the topic you are both interested in, thus giving you a chance to convert them.

6. Find a reason to meet up in person

This method works great in specific cases – if you are contacting local leads (in the same location you are working from) or you are attending an event in your area of expertise (summit, seminar, conference, anything).

Invite your leads to this event, or contact the ones that plan to attend it as well. This is a great chance to meet in person. The best thing about personal meetings is that you can often close a deal in just 10-15 minutes, because you can easily show everything you want, answer any questions and develop a great rapport with someone.

7. Invite them to your event or webinar as an expert

This method works well if you run events or webinars. Don’t get disappointed if you don’t run any, because it’s not that hard to create one. Anyway, this method involves the following – invite your leads to your event or webinar, just not simply as an attendee, but as an expert.

Tell them they will have a chance to give their feedback, evaluate something, and display their expertise in front of your audience. This will make them look more important, and give you a chance to showcase your product or service to them in a more profound way!

8. Congratulate them on new projects or achievements

This is a very simple, yet effective method to grab someone’s attention. But it works well only if you do it fast. When one of your potential clients has a significant event or hits a major milestone, it’s a great chance to congratulate them.

This could be a new project, closed investment round, new big client, opening of the new office, and anything else if noteworthy enough.

Write an email with your congratulations, and mention that now that they are growing bigger it’s a good time to thrive even more with your product or service. Use this occasion as you wish, your imagination is the limit.

Bonus tip: Offer them relevant, personalized content

People are looking for more meaningful connections online, both on a personal and on a professional level. Try repurposing your existing content into an interactive assessment or calculator for example. The real value is that you can return relevant information, based on how your lead has answered the questions. A personalized report with tips, for example, or access to a feature or service that answers their needs perfectly, … just to name a few! There are many assessment tools available online that you can use to set up your own very quickly and that don’t require a large budget.


As you can see there are many alternative methods to start a conversation with your potential client or convert them into a closed deal. You should give these methods a try, some will work better than others so experiment.

The only thing you should always keep in mind regarding the methods described above is that you should make your comments, emails, and invitations sound personal, friendly and low-hassle. People usually respond well to others like them, so sound and behave like a human, not a marketing machine!

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