How To Sell Your Product To Big Companies: An Interview With 3DLOOK CCO Katerina Galich

Taking complex technology and bringing it to your smartphone is not an easy task. But some companies manage not only to create but also sell such technologies to enterprise companies. We spoke to 3DLOOK CCO Katerina Galich about her company’s selling strategy, how they started and what we can look forward to from 3DLOOK in the future.

This is a transcript of an interview recorded with 3DLOOK at Web Summit 2018. You can also watch or listen to the interview below.

Hi Katerina! Can you please tell our readers a little bit about your company and what you do.

Katerina Galich: We have developed the most advanced technology for mobile body 3D scanning. You can take photos from any smartphone and we build a 3D avatar and obtain the measurements. We’re the only company who can measure dress people and detect the body on complex backgrounds. This means you can take photos at the shop, in an office, at home, whatever!

Based on our technology we’re going to collect the biggest database of body scans in the world – up to 100,000,000 bodies by 2022.

And how old is your company?

KG: We started in 2016. We’ve been more than 2 years in development and we’ve started our sales only several months ago, so we’re still in beta.

How big is your team exactly?

KG: Right now there are 35 of us. More than 20 are involved in development. All in all, we have three PhDs on our team.

Three PhDs?! In what?

KG: In math!

Every big brand and every big retailer has an innovation lab within the company. They are always looking for new technologies and ways to use them.

You’ve also mentioned that you have three offices?

KG: Four, actually: our headquarters are in San Mateo, the United States; we have another office in London, where our CTO is based, and we have to R&D offices in Ukraine – in Kyiv and Odessa.

And with four offices spread all over the world, how do you manage the team?

KG: We use Slack! It’s powerful and we’re absolutely satisfied with it.

So, how do you convince partners to integrate your technology into their services and websites? How do you find those clients?

KG: Our main clients now are big companies, enterprise companies. So I wouldn’t say that it’s easy or fast – it’s long-term sales.

We have several contact points with such companies. First of all, this is innovation labs, because every big brand and every big retailer has an innovation lab within the company. They are always looking for new technologies and ways to use them to disrupt the processes in the nearest future.

Another point of contact is the e-commerce teams and teams of 3D designers because they are interested in using 3D avatars for product design.

I do, however, have to say that this is the case where the technology sells itself. The technology itself is amazing and use cases are so simple – you just take a photo from your smartphone and get a 3D avatar for which you can update the measurements! The only other company that was close to creating something similar is Body Labs, and, as you know, they were acquired by Amazon.

We have three PhDs on our team.

How many body types have you collected so far?

KG: Our neural network is currently learning on 200,000 body profiles. We’re collecting thousands of new bodies every month.

Are you cash-positive right now?

KG: Not yet, as we’ve just started our sales, but we do have revenue. And, at the same time, we have 4 offices and 35 people on the team! [Laughs]

But we’re gaining traction already and we’re seeing very good prospects for growth.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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