Snovio Labs Interview WIth Docsify

    We caught up with Docsify CEO and co-founder Max Makarenko to find out about his sales acceleration platform, how he deals with competitors and how Docsify uses Quora to get up to 90% conversions from visitor to registration.

    This is a transcript of a video interview taken by Snovio CEO Oleksii Kratko at Web Summit 2018 in Lisbon. You can watch the video version of the interview or listen to it at the end of the article.

    Hi Max! The city of Kharkiv is famous for Docsify. So I’ve got to ask what did you guys do to make Docsify this great?

    Max Makarenko: We’re re-inventing the way people work in Gmail. So, Docsify is a tool for email productivity. It tracks all your inbound and outbound communication in your inbox. We also have a lot of features like Send Later, Templates, Analytics, and a lot more to make your work more productive.

    I trust you. You know why? Because I know you are productive, and that means you can make Gmail more productive because you have the expertise for that. Now, how about your user base? How many users do you currently have?

    MM: At the moment we have around 4,000 active daily users.

    It’s all about content marketing!

    How big is the competition?

    MM: Competition? It’s not big. It’s a very popular direction and a lot of companies do [what we do], but we have a lot of traffic and we monetize it. I think competition is not a problem for us.  

    Do you make a living from Docsify?

    MM: Not yet.

    Do you have enough for your bread and bacon?

    MM: [Laughs] Yeah!

    Now I wanna ask you about your Docsify “kitchen”. How many people work for Docsify currently?

    MM: At the moment our team consists of 7 people. It’s three tech guys, three marketers, and me.

    When did you start?

    MM: I think, a year and a half ago. Yeah, a year and a half.

    We love Quora. We get a lot of traffic from there. The conversion rate from visitor to sign-up we get is more than 50% from multiple questions. It actually varies from 50% to 90%.

    Do you yourself use Docsify?

    MM: Yeah, every day and recommend everyone to use it.

    We’ve been hearing a lot about growth hacks from the stages here. So what growth hack works best for you personally?

    MM: We love Quora. We have a lot of experience working with Quora, and we get a lot of traffic from there. The conversion rate from visitor to sign-up we get is more than 50% from multiple questions. It actually varies from 50% to 90%.

    And you are not talking about the Quora Ads, you’re talking about Quora itself.

    MM: Yeah, it’s all about content marketing! You should give value to people and then it’ll work well.  

    Quora Ads never worked for me. Did you try it yourselves?

    MM: Ads? No, Quora Ads don’t work for us either. We find different channels that have lower customer acquisition cost. So paid advertising is not for us at the moment.

    And last question – give us some solid entrepreneurial advice.

    MM: Never give up.

    Up To 90% Conversion Rate From Quora: An Interview With Docsify CEO Max Makarenko
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