To a New Year with a New Feature
    0 introduces a new feature – now you can edit the info of the prospects in your lists.

    Sometimes the application can’t find additional info about a prospect you are interested in, but it turns out that you happened to get this data from the other source. As you work with the list just inside our app, you may need to change this contact info on the list. In the old times (read: a week ago) you used to copy this contact to a CSV-file, import it to and only then you could work with it in the app. Sounds like quite a time-consuming process, and it really was.

    Now you can edit profiles in 3 simple steps:

    1) Choose the prospect and click on it.

    You’ll go to the prospect’s profile

    2) Here, in the profile, find the “edit” button in the top right corner.

    Now you can change any field.

    3) Save your changes when you are ready.

    So now you have an easy tool to change the info in your prospects.

    Note, that all the changes will be saved only in your lists and won’t be shared in our database.

    Enjoy your work and simplify it with!
    Happy New Year!

    Dana Rudenko is the chief editor at Snovio Labs, bringing you the freshest marketing content and exclusive insights from the world's most successful startups. In her free time you can find her creating playlists, gardening, or googling dogs in cowboy costumes.


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