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Hey friends! We are happy to announce that will be featured on Product Hunt quite soon. We are working hard to list on Product Hunt from the end of March.

It’s a great chance to get noticed by hundreds of thousand of entrepreneurs, marketers, developers and tech geeks all around the globe.

All the feedback received on Product Hunt will definitely inspire us to make better – to provide our existing users and potential clients with highly-demanded features and tools.

Many companies showcase their products on Product Hunt during early betas, but we didn’t follow this path on purpose!

Since we launched less than a year ago we have worked hard, and more than 20,000 users is the best proof of the quality we are focused on.

What is

Time flies, and we enjoy every minute of it developing and enriching it with top-class features.

It’s not just a lead generation tool anymore, it’s a comprehensive all-in-one lead generation platform, that allows sales and marketing specialists to run their outreach and mailing campaigns from start to finish without spending l resources on additional tools and services.

Keeping extremely easy-to-use, while adding more and more useful features is our number one goal.

We believe that perfect things are simple, and we try to keep beautifully simple for our users – let us and the technology do all the complex processes in the background while you enjoy results of your campaigns! was started as a lead generation tool that allows users to generate and source leads (even enriched ones) from:

Websites you visit – generate leads without making a single click.
Social Networks – generate highly-enriched leads from LinkedIn in just a few clicks.
Built-In Database – get access to millions of pre-generated leads in seconds.

Now it’s a way more feature-rich solution! See the top 7 features and tools we have developed and implemented in addition to our lead generation tools within the last 6 months:

Prospect search by name, surname and other parameters

Do you know the name and surname of a potential client? No stress, enter these details and we will generate this lead with quite a high probability of success.

Technology checker tool

We have released a great new tech finder tool, that allows you to find websites and companies that use certain technologies on their domains. Now you can easily find, target and generate leads from websites that use certain advertising platforms, CMS platforms, e-commerce tools, programming languages, message boards and more. The whole list of supported technologies is huge. Imagine yourself generating a list of leads that use, let’s say, Unbounce landing page builder. We didn’t stop there, we can also show you what technologies are used on site by a domain name – just enter one and see all technologies used by this company!

Email verifier

Now you can verify both generated leads and manually uploaded lists of emails right in the tool. That was our first step into creating an all-in-one platform, and we have successfully implemented it! This allows our users to save money, and use just a single tool for all their outreach campaigns.

Mailing tool & mailing statistics

You can now create an email campaign, send it right away and track results without even leaving the dashboard. This allowed us to move from a single tool to a more advanced platform, allowing our users to generate leads, verify them and put them into email campaigns in just a few clicks! Now you can run all your outreach campaigns through a single platform.

How you can show your love

We believe is not just a lead generation platform, but also a community of passionate sales and marketing specialists.

Your passion, ideas and support is what can help us to become a product of the day on Product Hunt and reach millions of people!

Once is featured on Product Hunt, we would be really happy to see your support, your upvotes, comments and feedback.

Don’t hesitate to support your favourite all-in-one lead generation tool and show your love. Stay with us, see us on Product Hunt soon, and we promise to do all we can to conquer millions of hearts of tech geeks, marketers and the sales specialists out there!

More than that, we will generate a report on how we did on Product Hunt then disclose what’s been done to get featured there and what results we got. Stay tuned!

Thanks in advance and have an awesome day!

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