Team to Attend the 2018 Collision Conference
    0 will again be attending the Collision Conference in New Orleans this year. According to Forbes, Collision is America’s fastest growing tech conference. This time around will be participating under the “Growth” status, quickly progressing from the status of “Alpha” they had last year. The team is extremely excited about the conference, which will take place between April 30th and May 3rd. Collision will host’s debut of upcoming features and initiatives. A discussion outlining the team’s top initiative of a value-centric approach towards new clients will take place. Since many potential clients are present at Collision, the team will take this unique opportunity to communicate the benefits of’s platform to the attendees. Heads of startups, who could utilize the platform to get their first users or expand their team by finding the most optimal people with rapid turnaround time, should be especially interested.

    Live demonstrations of the platform, and how it can help solve the problems many in the fast-paced tech industry face, will be a focal point of Collision for With over 25,000 attendees, nearly 4,000 of which are CEOs and 69% of which are senior management, one could safely say this is an “opportunity-rich environment” full of people that could benefit substantially from the platform. Once the value of the platform is displayed to this perfect audience, one could infer the logical next steps: further adoption of the platform. The team will offer exclusive discounts to Collision attendees that “get connected” with them at the conference, only further enticing faster growth of the solution. As you might expect from the team, their booth will be full of some of the coolest swag, so be sure to follow on Instagram to check it out.

    The team will hold panels with the purpose of educating people about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency/utility token usage. Providing insights into tokenomics and blockchain solutions to an audience of key figures in the tech industry. This will set the team apart as part of a broader strategic initiative to foster company reach and subsequent partnerships, providing even more value to customers.

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