Joins G2 Winter 2021 Leaders Joins G2 Winter Leaders

Another great news to be shared! is recognized as the Winter 2021 Leader by the G2 Europe Regional Grid report for Email Marketing, which ranks SaaS companies based on real customer reviews. 

We can’t hide our excitement for receiving so many acclaims from our customers for the features we are ambitious to improve with each coming day: 

Highest-rated software

Our mission is to transform the outdated lead generation methods to a new reality, which will bring opportunities for sales growth to the upper level. This is why getting high rates for email finding and verification, automated email drip campaigns, integrations with other platforms, and email tracking possibilities, we are sparked to work much harder and perform much better.

The Winter Leader reward is the best way to crown this year. And we are optimistic about 2021 to bring us more opportunities for meeting the set goals and our users’ expectations.

Thanks, G2, for this recognition, and many thanks to you, our devoted customers. Your satisfaction with our service is our number-one motivation and inspiration!

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