Snovio Verifier Released! A Tool For Those Who Deserve More

You already know how cool and handy it is to source and generate email leads straight from the websites you’re visiting. We believe you enjoy this method as much as we, and thousands of our clients, do!

If you think this is awesome enough, then hold your breath and prepare for something bigger! What if we tell you that now you can both generate leads and verify them with just a few clicks while browsing websites that are relevant to your audience?

So many people have asked for this, and finally, we are here to make you even happier. We have been so busy developing new, useful functions and tools, and today is the day to announce it, – Snovio Verifier has been released!

What’s really awesome is that Snovio Verifier is not just an email verification tool, but a verification mechanism integrated with the Snovio Hunter, allowing you to generate leads from websites and verify them literally on the fly.

The new Snovio Verifier extension will verify email addresses in bulk right in the extension window while you are browsing websites.

How It Works

Let’s take a quick look at how Snovio Verifier searches for leads on the web. It can find email leads on websites that are:

  • Publicly available on the website – for example, mentioned in the text.
  • Hidden in the code of the web page – for example, associated with the “email us” or “contact us” button, or even hidden in the code of the contact form.

Now you are clear with how lead generation works, let’s get to the most interesting part and discover how email verification works.

When email leads are sourced and generated, you can verify them right in the same extension. Snovio Verifier has some serious back-end mechanisms to verify emails, by using at least three methods of verification:

  1. Syntax Verification

    Snovio Verifier checks whether an email address is spelled correctly. By correctly we mean no commas in the email address, @ symbols in the right place, existing domain extensions, no forbidden symbols, etc.

  2. Domain Name Verification

    Snovio Verifier checks whether the domain name and the website, are valid and working fine.

  3. Email Address Ping

    With this step, Email Verifier checks whether an email address actually exists and is technically valid. At this point, the Snovio Verifier pings an email address with a simple technical request to find out how good this email address is at receiving messages.

This is how Snovio Verifier generates leads and verifies the email addresses it has found. Now the leads found and verified with Snovio are ready to be used in your sales and marketing campaigns!

How To Use Snovio Verifier

Easy as pie, the email verifier extension is so intuitive! If you’ve used Snovio before you already know how well-built and easy-to-use it is.

Snovio Verifier is not an exception, once installed it takes just a few clicks to generate leads and verify them.

In case you love to read manuals (we believe manuals are important, no jokes.) We have prepared one for you here!

Step One – Install the extension to your browser.

You may choose to log in to verify email addresses or without being logged in you can just add email addresses from web pages.

Step Two – Visit any website page and click on the extension to find and verify leads

It’s that easy! Here is a list of features and tips that will help you get the most out of Snovio Verifier:

– The number of email addresses found on the web page is displayed on the extension button;

– Add verified email addresses to your lists;

– Choose to search for email addresses from a web page or by domain name;

– Add your own email addresses for verification with the “Add manually” button;

– Use filters to sort verified email addresses by: Valid, Uncertain and Invalid;

– Copy your results to a CSV file.

Always Verify

Email verification is a very important part of any lead generation process. Always make sure to verify your leads – no matter how trusted the source is, and how big or small your list is.

With the Email Verifier release we believe more people will start verifying their leads before sending out email campaigns, thus improving all their email marketing metrics including Delivery Rate, Open Rate, and Click-through Rate.

Build your outreach campaigns the smart way, and enjoy Snovio Verifier!

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