Web Summit 2018 What's The Secret To The Perfect Pitch

    Our team is back from Web Summit 2018.

    It’s been crazy 3 days – networking, startups, speeches, interviews… And, of course, pitches.

    Pitching your product is a true art form: you have to seem engaged, but not desperate, exciting, but not too much, knowledgeable, but not boring… But is there a secret to the perfect pitch people keep forgetting about? That’s what we found out!

    We’ve asked Web Summit participants, speakers, and investors what is the secret to the perfect pitch. Watch the results below!

    This video is Part 1 of 4 in our series of mini-interviews with Web Summit attendees. Part 2 will be published next week.

    Dana Rudenko is the chief editor at Snovio Labs, bringing you the freshest marketing content and exclusive insights from the world's most successful startups. In her free time you can find her creating playlists, gardening, or googling dogs in cowboy costumes.


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