Sourcing emails is like a Hide and Seek game.

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Emails sent to invalid addresses bounce back, which may lead to account suspension if the bounce rate is too high. The bounce rate should stay within the 10-15% threshold. Upload your list to verify and clean emails. can check every email address you have and reduce your bounce rate.

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We care about accuracy
Since we apply real-time verification, we deliver only fresh results. We also aggregate data from other services so we can produce less emails with catch-all status.
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Our verifier is fast
Clean thousands of emails within minutes. We guarantee some of the fastest email verification speeds. No matter how big your email list is, we will verify it in no time.
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The best free plan
Our free plan never expires. All features are unlocked. We can give you more free credits upon request.
Customer Care
100% human Customer Care
Top email verifier software needs a top Customer Care team. Our team can help you with any question, issue, or request via live chat, phone, or email.
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One email address verification costs 0.5 of a credit. Our free plan allows 100 email verifications per account. You get 100 free email verifications each month.

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Unparalleled verification process


First, we run a check to make sure the email complies with standard email format rules. Emails with misplaced or forbidden symbols that do not meet the standards are excluded from the list.


Next, we verify than the domain and the email address associated with it really exist. Catch-all domains are also filtered.


Email Verifier pings the server and processes its response to determine the email address status and validity with exceptional accuracy.

Do more in less time

Need extra-accurate results?
Our email verification doesn’t stop at the basics:

  • Disposable domain detection
  • Catch-all emails detection
  • Duplicates removal
  • Temporary unavailability detection
  • Real-time verification
Flexible list export

Convenient export options for any needs:

  • Export full prospect profiles or emails only according to status - valid, uncertain, and/or invalid
  • CSV, XLSX, or Google Sheets formats
  • Choose which prospect data you want exported - from location and social media account link to company size and industry
Integrate verifier API into your software

Want to integrate single or bulk email verification into your app or CRM? No problem. Our API is the perfect solution for ultimate integration.

85 423 033 emails verified
From $0.000278 per verified email
Up to 98% deliverability
online email verifier

How do I export valid emails?

You will have three options:

Export all prospects and emails;

Export valid emails only (those marked green);

Export emails with valid and uncertain statuses. We will still export prospects whose emails were found invalid, but their emails will not be exported

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