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Firmographics are a collection of descriptive attributes used by B2B organizations to segment their target market and discover their ideal customers.  Such data helps categorize companies according to geographic location, industry, customer base, type of organization, technologies used, etc. With this information at hand, you can build a more effective lead generation strategy and improve […]

Ideal customer profile

Ideal customer profile is a hypothetical description of a perfect customer that would benefit from your solution and provide you with significant value in return. It helps improve personalization and overall customer experience, leading to more successful deals, when all the parties are satisfied in the end. Progressive profiling Nowadays, interested potential clients mostly find […]

Head buyer

A head buyer, or purchasing manager, is the senior-most buyer in a company. A junior buyer is someone who researches products, goods, and services the company may be interested in, and the head buyer, who is in charge of these junior buyers, calls the final shot in opening a sales exchange with the companies selling […]


A prospect is a potential client, someone who is in the market for your product and has the resources needed to buy it but has not purchased it yet. Once the prospect buys the product, which is always the end goal, they become a customer. So how do you find and court prospects to turn […]


This strategy is much more effective than mass marketing, as it targets the consumers most likely to interact with the brand or product, based on a buyer persona. There are many key targets, these are the most common: Demographic targeting These targets are based on age, gender, ethnicity, race, income, education, religion, economic status and […]

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