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On-target earnings (OTE)

On-target earnings (OTE), also known as on-track earnings, refer to the expected total pay an employee can get after achieving all required goals. It is then added to their base salary. In sales, OTE is commonly a motivating compensation for sales employees to reach their quotas, which consists of a base salary and a commission. […]

Goal card

A goal card is a visualization tool that helps write down your goals and make up a plan for achieving them, all in one place.  This term was once used by many motivation coaches. Bob Proctor, a world-renowned speaker and coach, is one of them. The Bob Proctor goal card pertained mostly to achieving financial […]

Base salary

Whether you’re an employer or an employee, it’s critical to know all components of the compensation package and calculate how much you or your workers will earn when agreeing to a job or negotiating a raise. And here’s where the understanding of base salary can help.  What is base salary? Base salary, aka base pay, […]

Sales compensation

Selling is getting more difficult — at least 61% of salespeople consider it much harder than 5 years ago. Decision-makers are less approachable, customers are less trustful, and their challenges are bigger. All these factors may easily undermine your sales reps’ motivation unless you set up your rewarding system and come up with smart sales […]

Needs assessment

Each organization is a complex unity. This is why it’s often difficult to realize what prevents the company from growing. Needs assessment helps analyze the business needs and pave the way for attaining them and ensuring its constant growth.    What is a needs assessment? Needs assessment, also called ‘environmental scan,’ is a process that involves […]

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