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Discovery call

A sales discovery call is the first call sales reps make after connecting with a potential customer. It’s a crucial step in B2B prospecting because it determines your further stages of the sales process.  Discovery call benefits are the following: It sets the relationship between a salesperson and a prospect.  It’s an essential element of […]


Gatekeepers may sound like a nuisance, but they hold an integral part in keeping decision-makers from wasting their time on every call or offer that comes looking for them. It’s in your best interest to treat them with respect if you want to get in with their boss. What is a gatekeeper in marketing? A […]


If you are in B2B SaaS sales, you know that a great product demo is the most critical piece in the sales process that can make or break your chances of closing the deal. It’s a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of your product or service to prospects. What is a demo? A demo […]

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