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Business email

Business email has become the main way of communication at work that plays a significant role in building rapport with chief executives, customers, sponsors, suppliers, and partners.  When setting up a triggered email campaign, there are many details to consider, including the priority — the business email address and the business email format. Let’s start […]

BASHO email

It’s a known fact for marketers and salespeople that personalized content increases the email open rate. But even though such emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, 70% of brands fail to use them.  When it comes to sales, the main challenge is: how is it possible to send a highly personalized email to a […]

Cold email

To sell a product or service, it’s essential to use a complex approach that will help spread information and get prospective buyers to go further and learn more about your offer. Having determined the target audience, you need to think over the channels that allow delivering data right into users’ hands. And when making a […]


AIDA is a highly effective copywriting formula that focuses on the specific consumer, resulting in a more personal and individual approach to raise conversions. It’s used in commercials, email marketing, website ads, etc. AIDA model is considered as a guideline in copywriting to maximize interaction with the customer. What does AIDA stand for? Now let’s […]

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