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Business email

Business email has become the main way of communication at work that plays a significant role in building rapport with chief executives, customers, sponsors, suppliers, and partners.  When setting up a triggered email campaign, there are many details to consider, including the priority — the business email address and the business email format. Let’s start […]

Name dropping

It’s difficult for a startup to find an investor for initial capital. But once you have one well-known investor, it will be easier for you to attract money from others because they trust the opinion of the first investor. This is one of the situations when name dropping can come into play. What is name […]

BASHO email

It’s a known fact for marketers and salespeople that personalized content increases the email open rate. But even though such emails deliver six times higher transaction rates, 70% of brands fail to use them.  When it comes to sales, the main challenge is: how is it possible to send a highly personalized email to a […]


Top marketers consider email marketing as a great way to nurture leads, convert them into customers, and drive traffic. In fact, email can yield an ROI of up to 4400%, which means that every dollar spent on email marketing results in $44 back.  But since it’s so profitable, the competition is stiff, and getting someone […]


If you are in B2B SaaS sales, you know that a great product demo is the most critical piece in the sales process that can make or break your chances of closing the deal. It’s a unique opportunity to demonstrate the value of your product or service to prospects. What is a demo? A demo […]

Cold email

To sell a product or service, it’s essential to use a complex approach that will help spread information and get prospective buyers to go further and learn more about your offer. Having determined the target audience, you need to think over the channels that allow delivering data right into users’ hands. And when making a […]

Call to action (CTA)

On the web, you most certainly have seen many shiny buttons and requests to take some action. For example, when registering on websites like LinkedIn or Facebook, you might have encountered a call to action that urged you to like, click, read, sign up, or log in.  What is a call to action? In marketing, […]

Click-through rate (CTR)

Online marketing is aimed at finding potential consumers with the help of digital channels. Users surf the Internet, socialize online, and focus their attention on the most interesting blogs, informational and commercial websites, as well as attractive advertisements. Click-through rate (CTR) is one of the ways to measure the success of the search engine, advertising, […]


Informational technologies use special commands that initiate different actions automatically. These event-driven procedures are called triggers.  Triggers are used for different purposes and are in particular demand in online marketing campaigns (email triggers, lead generation triggers). Trigger-based solutions help to create innovative automated processes for a range of activities. The term “trigger” is associated with […]


Forecasting relies on the gathered data – usually collected from both the past and the present, followed by the analysis of the market trends and the development of the description of the actions to follow. Forecasters are responsible for the actual analytical results based on a set of variables, preparing reports that are then used […]

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