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Account development representative (ADR)

An account development specialist works with their company’s most important clients to build prolonged, loyal, strategic cooperation. This position demands a set of skills that include multi-functional leadership, strategic planning, and the ability to effectively close sales.  You can be a salesperson searching for new career opportunities or an existing account development representative preparing to […]

Critical questions

One of the main problems in sales nowadays is the insufficient knowledge of customers’ needs that salespeople demonstrate. This is why 71% of B2B customers aren’t engaged. Still, it’s possible to improve the situation if sales reps understand the necessity of asking leads right critical questions. What are critical questions? Critical questions are questions that […]


All startups hope their product or service will be a huge success. But when this happens, they can be faced with the challenge of having to rapidly scale up. This is where ramp-up comes into play. Ramp-up meaning Ramp-up is a massive boost in the production of products or services that a company sells, usually […]

Puppy dog close

Puppy dog close is a sales technique allowing prospects to test the product or service for several days before making a decision. It offers a free trial or a test period before clients agree to close a deal. This technique relieves pressure and develops a trusting rapport with customers. According to the prospects’ experience, allowing […]

Name dropping

It’s difficult for a startup to find an investor for initial capital. But once you have one well-known investor, it will be easier for you to attract money from others because they trust the opinion of the first investor. This is one of the situations when name dropping can come into play. What is name […]

Business development representative (BDR)

A business development representative (business developer or BDR) is a member of the sales team. Their duty is drawing new business opportunities to the company. This includes cold calls, cold email campaigns, all kinds of networking, and social marketing. In its turn, business development is the activity of generating strategic chances for a company – […]


After the global financial crisis of 2008, companies started to add clawback provisions to contracts more often. The reason is that they allow businesses to cover incentive compensation from CEOs if there are any flaws in the company’s fiscal reports.  What is a clawback? A clawback is a contractual requirement that presupposes that funds previously […]

Closing ratio

Closing ratio, or close rate, is a measure that shows how efficiently a sales professional or a sales team performs. It tracks how many sales have been closed compared to the number of proposals given. In other words, it tracks how many leads out of all prospects made a purchase. How to calculate the closing […]


Gatekeepers may sound like a nuisance, but they hold an integral part in keeping decision-makers from wasting their time on every call or offer that comes looking for them. It’s in your best interest to treat them with respect if you want to get in with their boss. What is a gatekeeper in marketing? A […]

Emotional sale

There’s no secret that the majority of people buy relying on their emotions, not logic. They listen to the heart over the head. To marketers, it means a world as it opens a lot of possibilities to improve business with an emotional sale.  Find out what makes emotional sales so effective and how to incorporate […]

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