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Account development representative (ADR)

An account development representative (ADR) is a member of the sales team responsible for identifying and qualifying new opportunities for the sales organization.

Critical questions

Sales critical questions are open-ended questions sales reps commonly use during cold calls to make a better contact and build trust with potential customers. Here are critical questions examples.


Ramp-up is a massive increase in the production of products or services that a company sells, usually due to entering new markets or geographic regions. Find out how to ramp up your marketing.

Puppy dog close

Puppy dog close is a sales technique allowing prospects to test the product or service for several days before making a decision. Here are tips on how to use it.

Name dropping

Name dropping is a sales tactic where you mention famous brands you know or worked with to make a good impression on people. Here is how to benefit from name dropping.

Business development representative (BDR)

A business development representative (BDR) is a member of the sales team whose duty is drawing new business opportunities to the company.


A clawback means that funds previously assigned to an employee must be returned to an employer. Here are examples of clawback provisions.

Closing ratio

Closing ratio, or a close rate, is a measure of your sales team’s efficiency. It shows the proportion of closed sales to the number of all sales efforts. Find out ways how to improve closing ratio.


A gatekeeper in business is a person who can grant or block access to key decision-makers. Find out how get past the gatekeeper.

Emotional sale

Emotional sale refers to marketing that uses emotions to make prospects notice, share, and buy your company’s product or service. Find out how to close an emotional sale.

Time kills all deals

The most efficient sales are performed fast. Once you lose momentum, time kills all deals. Here is how to force the deal.

Sound bite

A sound bite is a short, catchy piece of video, audio, or speech chosen to give the essence of what you are saying and arouse interest in the full-length source. Find out how to make a successful sound bite.

Sales pitch

A sales pitch is a short sales presentation aimed to convince a new or existing customer to close a sale. Here’s how to craft a good sales pitch.


Sandbagging is a tactic of diminishing the expectations of a business’s strengths and core expertise to generate greater-than-expected results. Here are sandbagging examples.

Sales call

A sales call is a pre-arranged face-to-face meeting between a salesperson and prospect. Here’s how to make a sales call.

Inside sales

Inside selling is the process of selling products remotely by making phone calls and sending emails, as opposed to going to see the client face-to-face. Find out what benefits this model has.

Direct selling

Direct selling is the selling of products in a non-retail setting, for example, at home, online, or other venues that are not a store. Here are direct selling types.

Value proposition

Value proposition is a phrase or statement unique to the company or product, which states clearly what is being offered. Here are some examples of effective value proposition.

Cold call

Cold calls are unsolicited sales calls to prospects who don’t know the company. Here’s how to cold call effectively.

Warm call

A warm call is contact made with a prospect who is already aware of your company, product, or service in order to further their interest. Here’s how to make warm calls.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion rate optimization is the process of improving the percentage of visitors to your website that convert (aka the conversion rate). We’ve collected a list of CRO tips and tools. Read on.


Forecasting is a part of the sales and market analysis that helps predict future sales, trends, numbers, and characteristics in the target market. Here are all the types of forecasting.

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