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You’ll find dozens of recommendations to build your sales strategy so that you won’t allow prospects to control the sales cycle. That means you should be persuasive enough with your cold calling.  But what if 92% of CEOs never respond to cold calls at all? That mustn’t be a reason to stop trying to reach […]

Purchase order (PO)

A purchase order (PO) is a fiscal document released by a purchaser. In it, they commit to paying the vendor for selling some service or product that will be provided in the future. POs are a helpful tool in B2B transactions. The benefit for the customer is that they can put in a request for […]

EOM (end of month)

EOM is a term used both in sales and accounting, so we’ve decided to tackle both definitions. What does EOM stand for in sales? EOM (abbreviation for the end of the month) in sales is the monthly deadline for salespeople to achieve the goals set at the beginning of the month, e.g., close an expected […]

Request for information (RFI)

A request for information is better known by its acronym RFI. It’s a document that a company uses to request information about a product or service from suppliers. This way, the organization can get an idea of possibilities offered by each vendor, compare different providers, and gather information on a market in a more structured […]

On-target earnings (OTE)

On-target earnings (OTE), also known as on-track earnings, refer to the expected total pay an employee can get after achieving all required goals. It is then added to their base salary. In sales, OTE is commonly a motivating compensation for sales employees to reach their quotas, which consists of a base salary and a commission. […]

Goal card

A goal card is a visualization tool that helps write down your goals and make up a plan for achieving them, all in one place.  This term was once used by many motivation coaches. Bob Proctor, a world-renowned speaker and coach, is one of them. The Bob Proctor goal card pertained mostly to achieving financial […]

Channel sales

How to get a new product in front of customers and scale revenue? Some of the options include hiring new salespeople and investing in tools that will boost their efficiency. Another potential strategy – channel selling. Channel sales definition Channel sales are a sales model that presupposes distributing your product or service to the market […]

Account development representative (ADR)

An account development specialist works with their company’s most important clients to build prolonged, loyal, strategic cooperation. This position demands a set of skills that include multi-functional leadership, strategic planning, and the ability to effectively close sales.  You can be a salesperson searching for new career opportunities or an existing account development representative preparing to […]

Sales methodology

A sales methodology is a set of principles a sales team should follow to understand how to perform their roles no matter what situations they may face during the sales process. Each sales organization needs a sales methodology to guide them on how to work together towards the same goal ― winning more customers and […]

Bottom of the funnel (BOFU)

Almost all marketers use content marketing to generate demand at every stage of the buyer’s journey – top of the funnel (TOFU), middle of the funnel (MOFU), and bottom of the funnel (BOFU). However, their attention is mostly focused on TOFU, which deals with raising awareness and provoking interest in the product.  Statistics show that […]

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