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Discovery call

A sales discovery call is the first call sales reps make after connecting with a potential customer. It’s a crucial step in B2B prospecting because it determines your further stages of the sales process.  Discovery call benefits are the following: It sets the relationship between a salesperson and a prospect.  It’s an essential element of […]

Critical questions

One of the main problems in sales nowadays is the insufficient knowledge of customers’ needs that salespeople demonstrate. This is why 71% of B2B customers aren’t engaged. Still, it’s possible to improve the situation if sales reps understand the necessity of asking leads right critical questions. What are critical questions? Critical questions are questions that […]


Firmographics are a collection of descriptive attributes used by B2B organizations to segment their target market and discover their ideal customers.  Such data helps categorize companies according to geographic location, industry, customer base, type of organization, technologies used, etc. With this information at hand, you can build a more effective lead generation strategy and improve […]

Sales director

A sales director, or a director of sales, is employed by a company to manage the work of subordinate salespeople and lead an effective selling strategy for the business in general. As a rule, a sales director has full control over the sales functions and reps within the company’s budget and is often a part […]


All startups hope their product or service will be a huge success. But when this happens, they can be faced with the challenge of having to rapidly scale up. This is where ramp-up comes into play. Ramp-up meaning Ramp-up is a massive boost in the production of products or services that a company sells, usually […]

Point of contact

A point of contact serves an important role in the relationship your brand will have with its clients. Every interaction between customers and a point of contact can either build or damage your organization. So, what is a point of contact? A point of contact (POC), or a single point of contact, is an individual […]


Although it’s not easy to accurately measure the feedback on your actions, every marketer needs to do so to improve their business efficiency. One of the best ways to start using marketing analytics is to establish a performance baseline. What is a baseline? A baseline is an attributed value of everything outside of your marketing efforts, including […]

Buying signal

Understanding whether a prospect is willing or ready to buy can be a real challenge. Luckily, there are basic standards that define how likely a person is to make a purchasing decision.  These standards are called buying signals. They are useful in sales and marketing and help identify who to focus your efforts on. Noticing […]

Field sales

Field sales, also known as outside sales, refer to the selling of products or services by sales reps outside the office or a formal team environment. Salespeople literally go out into the field to meet with prospective customers, hence the term.  The specifics of a field sales force don’t presuppose special working hours or an […]

Sales compensation

Selling is getting more difficult — at least 61% of salespeople consider it much harder than 5 years ago. Decision-makers are less approachable, customers are less trustful, and their challenges are bigger. All these factors may easily undermine your sales reps’ motivation unless you set up your rewarding system and come up with smart sales […]

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