Overview your account & settings

Let’s access your Snov.io dashboard and overview profile & preferences menu. 

Click on your avatar icon in the top right corner and go to the Account tab.


On the Overview page, you can add profile photo, edit your personal information or change your password.

To change your email address or phone number contact us directly at help@snov.io.

If you change account Currency, it will apply as a primary currency of your Snov.io CRM deals.


On the Billing tab, you can see your current billing period and history of your orders.

Here you can also turn on/off automatic renewal mode for your plan.

Email Accounts

On the Email accounts tab, you can add a new email address to Snov.io and use it as a sender address in your Email Drip Campaign.

We support all major email service providers, including Gmail/Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, SendGrid, GoDaddy and many others via SMTP connection.

My Team

On My team page, you can send an invitation to another Snov.io user to join your Team.
It allows you to share your plan and cooperate with team members. 

Here you can also see how many credits were used by your team, see Team statistics and manage team settings.

Learn more about Teamwork accounts in this article.
Check out how to continue using Snov.io Team feature when your billing period expires or is not renewed.

Do-not-email List

On this tab, you can add, individually or from a file, email addresses or domains that should never be emailed through your Snov.io account.

Find out how to add contacts to Do-not-email List in more detail.


On the Transactions tab, you can see how you spend your credits while using Snov.io features. It allows you to filter credit transactions history by type or date.

Affiliate Program

On this tab, you can join our Snov.io Affiliate Program and earn commission on every referral order. Find out more about this offer here.

Search Settings

On the Search Settings page, you can customize search parameters according to your preferences. These settings will affect how Snov.io searches for prospects and the results you’ll receive. 


On this tab, you can integrate your Snov.io account with other platforms like Pipedrive, Zapier, Integromat, LinkedIn Helper and Calendly to expand its possibilities and organize your workflow in an efficient way.

Learn more about available integrations here.


Snov.io API is a powerful tool that helps you to automate your workflow and access many of our features.

Using our API methods you can:
– integrate Snov.io with your website or your own product
– manage prospects and prospect lists
– use Email Finder and Email Verifier
– retrieve data about your Drip Campaigns

Find out more about Snov.io API methods, server response examples and usage limits in our documentation.

Calendar Sync

Calendar Sync feature allows you to sync your tasks with Google Calendar. This way, all tasks created in Snov.io CRM will appear in your Google Calendar and vice versa.

Learn how to sync your Snov.io account with Google Calendar in this article.

Moving forward is your guide to fill your prospect list with contacts.

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