Email finding on LinkedIn via Chrome Extension issue - July 2020 (Resolved)

Sometimes, while performing a search on a LinkedIn Search page using a free or premium account, the process may stop. Here’s why it may happen and how to resume your search on LinkedIn.

When you set a specific page range for your search, let’s say from Page 1 to Page 20, the Email Finder extension performs it according to the script. But the search may be interrupted on a blank page because of a known LinkedIn issue.

If your search has stopped, and you see the following message, click the last processed page link. This is the page where the search has stopped.

searching page

Here are two scenarios:

If there are prospects on your last processed page, сlick extension icon and start the search from this particular page again.

If the page is blank, try to reload it. Once the results are on the page, start the search again by сlicking extension icon. Please note that you might have to update the page several times.

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