How to find emails by city

With the Company Profile Search tool, you can find company profiles using specific search parameters, such as city, country, industry, etc.  

Here’s a short instruction on how to do it: 

Step 1. Go to Company Profile Search in More tools menu.

company search

Step 2. Set the necessary parameters for a specific search. Fill in the City field and click the Start search button.

email search by city

This complex search may take a couple of minutes for your results to appear. 

Step 3. Once the search is over, you can select all the results or just the specific companies and choose the necessary list to add them to.

email search by city

Step 4. Go to Businesses to see your companies list and click on a company name to see the full information about it. 

email search by city

Note that to see the prospect’s email address, you have to add them to your prospects list. Otherwise, their emails will stay blurred.

email search by city

Learn more about Company Profile Search in our complete tutorial:

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