How to create a account

While registering with, you may choose to create an account in two ways: using your email address and password or by logging in via your Google account. 

create an account

If everything is okay, you will see the following message:

create an account

Follow the instructions in the email to log into your newly created account.

Once you sign in, click on your user icon and go to Account to find the main control center to manage your account.


There you will see the following tabs: 


In the Overview tab you can:

  1. Check your plan balance of credits and recipients
  2. Control your billing period 
  3. Enable/disable automatic renewal for your plan 
  4. Add your Wallet address to pay with tokens 
  5. Change your password 
  6. Delete your account


Email Accounts

In the Email Accounts tab you can add one or more sender accounts to start sending with’s Email Drip Campaigns. To do this, select an email account type – Gmail or SMTP and choose an account to connect. You can add as many email addresses as you want. There is no limit.

Check out how to set up an SMTP or Gmail sender account for more details. 


Do-not-email List 

Do-not-email List allows you to avoid sending emails to particular email addresses or domains you don’t want send your emails to. Add emails or domains individually or from the uploaded file and your Email Drip Campaigns will never go to them. You can remove emails from the Do-not-email List if necessary. Find out how to add contacts to Do-not-email List in more detail. 


Search Settings

In the Search Settings tab you can set Email Finder search parameters according to your preferences and needs.


If you need to perform a search with specific parameters, uncheck unnecessary boxes. search starts with checking current jobs and personal emails. Once we receive the necessary email, the search is stopped. 

If couldn’t find an email that meets the parameters, we will try to find it by alternative current job domains, previous jobs, then through links from profiles. When is not able to find an email of a prospect and you select “Add generic email contact to prospect” option, we add a generic email contact like used by a company where the prospect is currently working.

Alternatively, you can search for an email address only. To do this, uncheck the following option:

sending settings

If you need more information about the prospect, please leave this box checked.


In the API tab you can find your API User ID and API Secret keys. Find out more about API methods.

My Team 

With, you have an option to add team members to your account. It allows you to share credits among team members and manage the team. This option is located in the My Team tab. Enter emails of future team members to send them an invitation to join.


Check out how to continue using Team feature when your billing period expires or is not renewed.


You can see all your orders and their status in the Orders tab



Here you can control your credit expenses. Filter your steps by transaction type, date and see where you spent your credits.



Integrate with other platforms in the Integrations tab. currently offers Pipedrive, Zapier, Calendly and Weblium integrations, with more coming soon.


Affiliate Program

In this tab you can sign up for Affiliate Program and grow your passive income by sharing your referral link with those who are looking for a sales solution like You can find out more about the Affiliate Program here

Now when your account is ready, check out the short video on how our platform can help you find, verify, contact and convert leads faster:

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