How to find company profiles with

The Company Profile Search tool finds company profiles using specific search parameters. With this tool, you can get full information about a company including their industry, location, year of foundation, employee number etc.

To use it, follow these simple steps:

  • Select Company Profile Search in More tools menu.

company search

  • Choose the necessary options for a more specific search.

company search

  • All boxes are optional, so you can only set the parameters you need and leave the other boxes empty as shown below.
company search
  • Click the Start search button. This is a complex search, so it may take some time for your results to appear.
  • Select the companies you want to add to your list or choose all the results in list.

company search

You don’t have to choose from existing lists to add your companies – you can create a new list by pressing Add to new list.

company search

  • Choose Businesses in the top bar to see your companies list.

There you can click on a company name to see the full information about it.
Please note that to see the prospect’s email address, you have to add them to your prospects list, otherwise their contacts will stay blurred.

company search

Check out our video tutorial on how to find and collect B2B leads with Company Profile Search:

You can also find emails on company websites using our handy Email Finder Chrome extension.

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