How to observe email campaign statistics

All the campaign statistics are conveniently collected on one page. Go to the Email Drip Campaigns tab and click on the title of the campaign to view them:


Here you will see the statistics page for all emails sent within the campaign and the campaign as a whole.
You will see:

  • The total number of the emails sent
  • The total number of opened emails and the open rate
  • The total number of emails from which the link was followed and the CTR
  • The total number of emails that received a reply and the reply rate


If you have more than one email in your email campaign sequence, you can check the statistics (with the percentage equivalents) for the actions performed for one specific email in the sequence.
You will see:

  • The number of recipients who received the email
  • The number of opens the email received
  • The number of clicks a link in the email received
  • The number of replies the email received


If you want to see the data on each of the campaign recipients, navigate to the Recipients tab. There you will see the following information:

Sent – shows how many messages were sent to this particular recipient.
Views – shows how many times your email was opened by this particular
recipient (if you’ve sent one email) or the total sum of openings for this campaign.
Clicks – shows how many times this recipient followed the links in emails.
Replies – shows the number of replies received from the recipient.


If you want to know exactly which of your recipients have viewed your email, clicked the link, or replied to your message, click on the number of the emails in the required action as shown below, and you will be redirected to the recipients tab according to the chosen filter.


Or you can use another filter option directly in the Recipients tab.
Here is an example of how to check which of your recipients have replied to your email, followed the link in it or how many emails were sent to your recipients:


You can also sort by status:


Active: Campaign is running for this recipient.
Paused: Sequence for the paused recipient is stopped. To relaunch the sequence, change the status to Active.
Finished: System sets this status automatically when a campaign is complete. It cannot be set manually, this status is terminal.
Over Limit: System sets this status automatically if you have exceeded the email sending limits. To relaunch the sequence, make sure your limits were reset and change the status to Active.

If the prospect replied to your email campaign, they will receive the status Replied. The sequence stops for this recipient. You can continue sending the campaign to recipients who have replied by changing their status to Active.