How to set up a Zap

Before you start, check if you have integrated Zapier with You can read how to do it here.  

A Zap is an automated workflow between your favorite apps. You can create simple Zaps or multi-step ones. It consists of 2 parts: a trigger –  an event in an app that starts the Zap – and one or more actions – an event that completes the Zap. For instance, you enter the client’s name and email to a Google Sheet (trigger). Zapier takes this data and transfers it to the prospect list (action).

So, how to create a Zap?

Step 1. Get started

To get started, click on the Make a New Zap or Make a Zap button.

How to set up a Zap

Step 2. Choose the 1st app

As an example, select Google Sheets in the list of integrations.

How to set up a Zap

Step 3. Choose a trigger for your Zap

The trigger is where you want your Zap to start. Let’s say, you choose New Spreadsheet Row as a trigger. It will trigger when a new row is added to the spreadsheet.

Step 4. Choose an account

Click the Sign in button to link your account in the app to Zapier for the first time.

How to set up a Zap

Step 5. Customize the spreadsheet row

In the Spreadsheet field, select a document from which the data will be collected. Check that it is on the Google Drive you specified. Select a sheet and click Continue.

How to set up a Zap

Step 6. Choose the 2nd app –!  

Select an app and an action that you want to happen once the trigger occurs. For example, you might want to send the newly added data from the Google Sheets to to automate your Email Drip Campaign. Choose Create/Update Prospect.

How to set up a Zap

Step 7. Sign in to

You will need to insert the API user ID and API Secret. Find this information in the API tab in your account settings.


Step 8. Customize your Zap

  • Fill in the required and optional fields for your app. This information will be transferred to the 2nd app. Be sure to insert the prospect’s email address for the data example. 

How to set up a Zap

  • In the field List Id select a newly created prospect list on New contacts will be added there.

How to set up a Zap

Step 9. Click Done Editing

Now when your ZAP is ready, turn it on! You can test the new Zap to see how it works.

Find your brand new Zap in the My Zaps tab if you want to make any changes later.

How to set up a Zap

Step 10. Check how the integration works! 

Add a new row to the Google Sheets document. 

How to set up a Zap

If you are using a free account at Zapier, prospects will be transferred to every 5-15 minutes.

Go to your account to the prospect list selected for the Zap and refresh the page. Everything works – the contact is now in the database.


Now all new contacts from Google Sheets will be automatically added to the prospect list you set up. 

Check out the apps to synchronize with for more Zaps. 


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