How to use GBlast extension for Chrome GBlast is a Chrome extension for Gmail which lets you create and launch email campaigns directly in Gmail. It helps personalize your emails and send them in bulk saving your time.

Here’s how to use it in a few simple steps:

Step 1. Install Snovio GBlast extension on Chrome Web Store.

Step 2. Allow GBlast extension to connect to your Google account to use it. Sign up with Google and select an account you will send emails from.


Step 3. Go to your Gmail page and compose an email. 


Here you can add the following variables to your email: {Name}, {Name|Friend}, {Email}.


Insert a fallback word or phrase after a sign “|” in case the information needed for your variable is unavailable. Otherwise, nothing will replace the variable.

In send options, you can: 

  1. Choose a delay between email sending.
  2. Set the maximum limit of sending emails in 24 hours. 
  3. Check the number of sent emails in the last 24 hours.


Step 4. Once your email is ready, click the BSend button. 


When you click to send an email via the BSend button, a separate unique email will be sent to each mentioned recipient. You will see the following push notification once sending is activated:

in mass

Control the email sending in your Drafts. Here you may check the status of emails. 

Once the sending process is started, you can edit your active email campaign if you find any mistake. Just edit an email in Drafts and click the Update button. 


The changes will be saved if the email has not been sent yet.

You may also pause your email campaign and then resume it if needed.

pause and resume

If you want to stop the campaign, click the Pause button and delete your messages in Drafts. So they won’t go to the recipients except those that are already sent.


You will get the following push notification once your email campaign is completed:

push notification

If you have any questions about GBlast, contact our Customer Care team. We are always ready to assist you!

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