Why your business needs Snov.io Email Finder

The world’s largest companies trust cold emailing with growing their revenue. And with email marketing ROI reaching 4200% in 2019 (yeah, that’s not a typo – $42 per $1 spent), an email finder becomes one of the primary tools in your toolbox. 

If you’re reading this… 

…it’s likely your business has faced an efficiency problem. But that’s exactly what sales tools like these were made for. And let me convince you that Snov.io is the best one.

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Sustainable business growth with Snov.io Email Finder

Some will tell you that success is all about being in the right place at the right time, others – that it’s about who you know. But essentially it all boils down to being able to contact the person that can make your business flourish. Snov.io Email Finder does exactly that by helping you find a direct contact line to your next big break.

But let’s return to ROI once again. With a good selling copy, even the most modest investment in a prospecting tool gives you a new channel of qualified leads for your team to work on and get amazing results from. So if there is a possibility to jump-start your business at the cost of an iPhone case, why would you miss it?

A versatile solution with proven results

It helps generate new leads. Fill your sales funnel faster while reducing the cost-per-lead. No matter how specific is your niche, Snov.io Email Finder has features that will help you leave no stone unturned, whether you know exactly who you’re looking for or just exploring your audience.

It lets you develop your business. With Snov.io Email Finder, you can find potential investors and VCs, search for influencers who can promote your brand to a targeted audience, and scale your business by boosting and automating your lead generation. Your next big opportunity might just be waiting on LinkedIn.

It makes recruitment easier. Find more candidates, schedule more interviews, and fill positions faster. Collect email addresses of specialists in a specific niche with Snov.io Email Finder’s Linker feature: specify the job title, skills and/or location of a candidate and collect leads that fit your requirements from LinkedIn, GitHub, Moz, StackOverflow, Indeed, Behance, Upwork, and Google.

It automates outreach. Snov.io lets you email collected leads right from the app using ready-to-use high-performing templates and triggered drip campaigns with automated follow-ups. Use your own email for complete control. Oh, and enjoy unlimited emails 🙂

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Snov.io email finder isn’t just for sales teams. Besides sales, it has use cases in marketing, PR, cold outreach, onboarding, funding search and recruiting.                    

Want to create a steady inflow of targeted leads? 🎯
Want to find just the right person in a company in a matter of minutes? 🤝
Looking for ways to fund, scale and promote your business? 📈 

Snov.io Email Finder collects info-rich profiles that include name, email, company, job position, professional social profiles, experience, industry, location and more to keep your funnel full of quality leads and sell better. 

10 ways to search for leads with Snov.io Email Finder

Instead of concentrating on bulk email collection, Snov.io created a toolset that adapts to your prospecting needs that other tools simply don’t compare to. Whether you know exactly who you’re looking for or just researching sales opportunities, Snov.io has a search feature for you.

1. Single Email Search
When you know who you’re looking for
As long as you know the name of the person and their company, Snov.io will find their email address. No more missed opportunities!

2. Bulk Email Search
When you have a list of people you need to find (and no time to waste)
If you have a list of potential or existing customers’ names and their companies, run it by Snov.io’s Email Finder to find email addresses in bulk.

3. Domain Search
Find all emails connected to a company or contact a specific employee

Feeling like you’re going in blind is demoralizing and ineffective, especially when it comes to sales. Simply type in the name of the company and Snov.io will return all emails connected to that domain and let you filter leads by their job position.

4. Bulk Domain Search
A way for big B2B sales teams to fill their funnel

Upload a list of company domains you want to search (up to 20,000 domains), choose which positions you’re looking for (for example, Enterprise Sales Manager), tune your geotargeting, and collect leads automatically. Voila! 

5. Company Profile Search
Find B2B opportunities in any niche

Niche-specific B2B leads can be hard to come by. Unless you use Snov.io Email Finder that lets you filter companies by location, industry, founding date, and size. Collected company profiles give you all the information you need to open (and successfully close) negotiations.

6. Email Finder Extension
Find emails on any websites and LinkedIn on the go

By installing this game-changer extension for Chrome you’ll be able to view and collect business emails of necessary leads on any company website and LinkedIn. There is literally no easier way to find leads.

7. Linker
Perfect for HRs, headhunters, startup CEOs, and B2B sales professionals looking for decision-makers

Type in the job, skills, and/or location of the lead and Snov.io will generate search links on LinkedIn, GitHub, Moz, StackOverflow, Indeed, Behance, Upwork, and Google so you can collect the best leads using the extension. 

8. Social URL Search
Collect professional email addresses connected to social profiles

Use this feature to collect emails connected to professional social profiles or integrate Snov.io with Phantombuster or Dux-Soup to set up an automated multi-channel sales strategy. Simply upload your list of social URLs of leads, influencers, or candidates and Snov.io Email Finder will return emails connected to those profiles.

9. Technology Checker
Find B2B leads based on the technology stack they use

Find companies that use a certain technology or discover the technology stack behind the company you want to target for better research, deeper pain points analysis, and better sales. 

10. Email Finder API
Integrate all finder features directly into your platform

Snov.io offers a powerful REST API with over 15 methods for effective email search and lead management, letting you build a highly converting, efficient, automated sales journey for your leads. Read more about Snov.io API and all the methods here.

Scale and automate by integrating with your favorite apps

Did you know Snov.io integrates with over 2,000 tools and apps, including native integrations with Pipedrive, Zapier, Calendly, Weblium, and Salesforce (coming soon)? 

You can also use our powerful REST API to automate email search and integrate lead generation directly into your platform. Never lose a lead or miss a detail when you automatically save and sync your sales funnel data across apps. 

Here are some ready-to-launch pre-built Zaps to explore:

Better lead quality = shorter sales cycle

Snov.io Email Finder guarantees good results no matter your lead source. According to the most recent tests, the bounce rate for emails Snov.io finds with valid status is as low as 1.72%. Snov.io uses a 7-tier verification method:

✔️ Catch-all email and domain check

✔️ Syntax check for common mistakes and character misplacement

✔️ Gibberish email check

✔️ Domain existence check

✔️ MX record check

✔️ SMTP authentication (email address ping)

✔️ Freemail check

Enriched leads that open more opportunities

We understand that to promote and grow your business, you need much more than just an email. Which is why with Snov.io you’ll be able to collect:

– First name – Social profile – Company socials
– Last name – Company name – Company location
– Full name – Company URL – Country
– Job position – Company size – State
– Locality – Industry – City

You can also add up to 20 custom fields to use in personalization. This can be notes for other members of your sales team, information about the lead’s pain points, or important stats.

The best Email Finder on the market

Snov.io is easily one of the best-rated email finding tools on the market with over 3,000 5-star reviews in Chrome Web Store and a consistently high rating across all major review platforms.

75,000+ businesses and 400,000+ users made Snov.io a part of their workflow. 

Priced for any budget

Snov.io team works hard to provide plans that are both affordable and filled with dozens of KPI-boosting tools and features. With everyone from solopreneurs to enterprise-level companies in mind, Snov.io pricing plans will fit any budget.

When you register, you unlock all Email Finder tools. You can choose to stay on the XS free plan with locked integrations and data export, or upgrade to any premium plan to unlock all productivity-growing features. All premium plans come with full tool access, premium customer care, CSV, Google Sheets, XLS/XLSX data export, and more.

Pay monthly or get two months for free when you purchase a yearly plan. Find more detailed information on Snov.io pricing page.

Don’t waste the time doing work that can be automated

Snov.io Email Finder is the best choice for businesses of any size. Whether you’re a sales rep, SDR, BDR, marketing specialist (linkbuilder, PR-specialist, outreach specialist), recruiter, event organizer, freelancer, and startup CEO, the ease of use and accuracy of collected results makes Snov.io Email Finder a must-have tool in your toolbox.

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