4 reasons why Email Tracker might report false views 

When you choose to track outgoing emails with Snov.io Email Tracker, we add an invisible tracking pixel to your email body once the email is sent. When your recipient views the email, you get a push notification that the email has been opened. Sometimes, Email Tracker reports false views – the “opens” that didn’t actually happen. 

There’s 4 things that can cause false views: 

  • Push notifications
  • Anti-Spam system
  • Email clients
  • Ticket system

Reason 1. Push notifications

A push notification is a message that pops up on devices to alert you of an event. It’s very convenient as you don’t have to be in the app or use a specific device to receive them. However, such notifications can get access to the tracking pixel in your email, thus reporting it as opened.

Reason 2. Anti-Spam system

The recipient may be using an Anti-Spam system which blocks spam. However, some anti-spam extensions can affect the performance of trackers, with email opens being reported incorrectly. This happens because spam blockers can read the tracking pixel in your email, triggering the system to count it as an open. 

Reason 3. Email clients

Some email clients can also trigger the tracking pixel in your email. As a result, it makes it look like an email was opened many times, even though the email was viewed by the recipient only once. What’s more, some email clients track your email as opened even if the recipient only marks it as read, but doesn’t actually open it.

Reason 4. Ticket system

The recipient may be connected to a Ticket system. As ticket systems open your emails and collect all the data in them, they may also cause false views by triggering the tracking pixel.

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