Fill your prospect list provides various ways to compile a prospect list.

Pick the preffered option to fill your prospect list:

1) Upload your own prospect list lets you import your already compiled list of contacts for later verification and email outreach.
Open an empty prospect list and click the Import from file button.

Here’s a detailed guide on importing contacts.

2) Use one of our prospecting tools

If you would prefer, can gather a list of contacts based upon your preferences. 

Choose the option you prefer to fill your list:

LI Prospect Finder extension

LI Prospect Finder for Chrome lets you collect prospects and their emails on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

Install LI Prospect Finder and learn how to use it on LinkedIn and on Sales Navigator.

Email Finder extension Email Finder for Chrome lets you collect emails on company websites and save them to your prospect list.

Learn how to use it in our article.

Bulk Domain Search

Bulk Domain Search lets you to upload a list of domains or company names and get enriched prospects in bulk.

Domain Search

Domain Search lets you find company email contacts through their domain or company name.

Company Profile Search

Company Profile Search lets you find companies and prospects with emails by industry, location, or company size.

As soon as you have a list of prospects to contact, it’s time to connect to your email.

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