How to find companies (by industry, location, and company size)

The following tutorial will guide you through how to get a list of enriched company profiles matching your search criteria. 

Looking for industry or country-specific lists of companies?

Using the Company Profile Search tool, you can gather enriched company profiles for free and segment search results based on your needs by using a variety of filters.

Open Company Profile Search page

In Find Leads side-menu, click on Company Profile Search.

Apply  filters

By combining different search filters, you can find companies that meet your requirements.

Apply one or multiple of the below filter parameters:

  • Country
  • City
  • Founding Date
  • Industry
  • Specialties
  • Company Size
  • Company name

You need to specify at least one of the above filters to start a search. 

See results list preview 

After applying filters, click the Start search button to show a list of available results. 

See a preview with estimated amount of emails and prospects available for every company on the list. 

Scroll below to browse between pages and change number of companies per page. 

For each search request, a maximum of 5000 company profiles will appear in the results list. To get more unique company profiles, apply different filters with every search.

For example, you can expand the search results in a given industry by choosing a different company size or location.

 Add companies to a list

After collecting a list of companies, you can use this data to find company emails and prospects.

To add companies to your list (free):

  • Select specific companies by ticking a box next to a company name.

Or click on   icon to show selection options: All on Page or All in List.

  • Click the Add to button and choose a company list to save results to.

You can also click the name of a company to open its profile page with company prospects and emails. 

Opening a company profile costs 1 credit from your credit quota.

Learn how to find company leads from company profiles in this tutorial.

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