How to find emails on a search engine results page

If you want to search email addresses of companies you find in the search engine results, you can use Email Finder extension.

Open a search engine and type the keywords you are interested in.

Once you see the results, click the Email Finder extension icon in your browser’s top right corner.
In the drop-down menu you will see the domains found on this page.
Select necessary domains and click the Get emails by domains button.

Set the import options:

  • how many contacts per domain you would like to find;
  • whether to collect emails (generic, personal, all other) or prospects (Note: if you choose prospects, emails may be not found).

Click the Get emails by domains button again.

The next window will display the results of the search and the amount of credits the export of the search results will cost.
Select the prospect list to save the results to from the drop-down menu, and click the Save selected button.
Next, click the Go to list button.

You will be taken to the prospect list page. To verify the whole list of collected email addresses, click the Verify current list button.

If you want to verify a part of list, select the necessary emails and click Verify emails.

After the email verification, you are ready to start your first triggered email drip campaign, developed for you by the team.

Check out our frequently asked questions or contact our Customer Care team if you have more questions about Email Finder Tool. We will gladly assist you!

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