How to find emails on a company’s professional social network profile page

Follow these steps to find people and their emails on a company’s page.

In the search find the company and go to its page.

Click the extension icon in your browser’s top right corner, select a list and click the Send button.

The company will be immediately sent to your prospects list. Click the Go to list button.

You will be taken to your Companies List page. Click on either the company name or the highlighted text “and other”.

You’ll see the company profile details, including the known email addresses of its employees.

Select the necessary people, click the Add to button, and choose a list for the prospects from this company.

Note: All the emails displayed on the screen are blurred.
These are possible email addresses (predicted by extension), and it doesn’t necessarily mean that a person actually has this many email addresses.

Go to your prospects list and wait for to find email addresses. After the emails are found, you are ready to launch email sequences to convert your prospects.

Good luck!

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