How to connect Exchange Online account to

Your email account provider’s servers are used for mailing by since it does not have its own email servers.

Follow the steps below to connect your Microsoft Exchange account to

Exchange Online email server is a part of Microsoft 365 Business solution. Daily sending limit of Exchange accounts may reach up to 10,000 emails per provider’s guidelines.

 Add email address

Click on the avatar icon in the top-right corner of your screen:

  • Choose Exchange

Sign in to your Microsoft account

You’ll be redirected to the Microsoft sign in page. Enter your login and password.

Allow permissions needs access to your mailbox to be able to send emails on your behalf and provide email campaign statistics.

Click Yes to accept app permissions.

Save Settings

After a successful authorization, you’ll be taken to Email Settings page.

Here, you can set up a daily sending limit for this mailbox into Messages per day box. Learn more about email sending limits here.

Set up Delay between emails: enter the interval in seconds between every email sent from this mailbox.

Click the Save Settings button to finish email address set up.

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