How to set up integration with Pipedrive

To integrate Pipedrive with, please open your account settings, navigate to the Integrations tab and click the Connect button for Pipedrive.

On the new page, add the API token, which you can find in your Pipedrive account (Settings → Personal → API) and edit the necessary integration settings.
Click the Check connection button.

If the connection is set, you will see a notification of successful integration.

Full name is the only mandatory field for Pipedrive field mapping. You can add and delete optional and custom fields and specify which fields they correspond to in Pipedrive.

You can also add a Constant value that will appear in each contact synced from to Pipedrive under a selected Pipedrive field. Whenever you make any changes, please click the Save button to save the changes.

Once the integration settings are saved, all the prospects added to will be automatically synced to your Pipedrive account.

Please note: If your plan expires and you are returned to the free XS plan, your Pipedrive integration will be paused, as the integration feature is only available on premium plans. Once you purchase a plan, you can resume the integration: navigate to the Integrations tab and reactivate it by clicking the Resume button.

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