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How does link tracking affect email deliverability?

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Link tracking is a great thing when it comes to analyzing email drip campaign performance. After all, knowing the click-through rate is the only way to know just how converting your email copy is.

That said, deliverability should be your priority when it comes to email sending. And when it comes to email deliverability, every single detail can affect the result, even link tracking. To give you more flexibility, we have introduced an option to choose whether you want your links to be tracked.

But first, here’s why link tracking can negatively affect your deliverability.

How link tracking works

To track link opens, a tracking service wraps your links into their own links, changing the original link. When a recipient clicks the link in an email, they are redirected to a kind of a web gateway and only then to the link you were directing them to originally.They will hardly notice anything because it doesn’t really affect the speed and the URL changes to the one you inserted in the process. This quick redirect is enough for the system to track the link clicks.

Types of links in emails

When you get an email with a link, the link may be presented in two ways:

  • direct link, e.g.
  • anchored link, e.g.

You can track link clicks in both cases. However, it is preferable that you avoid using direct links. Here’s why.

When link tracking can negatively affect deliverability

It is a common spammer and scammer tactic to add links that will not lead where you might think they will.

Imagine you receive an email with the link, but are redirected to a website asking for donations. To avoid upsetting users and prevent scammers from tricking people, ESPs and spam filters always pay close attention to links in emails. They filter our redirecting links and this way protect their users by sending emails with suspicious links to the Spam folder.

How to see if a link is tracked

To see if a link is tracked, hover over the link in the email. Look at the bottom left corner of the browser. If the link displayed there is the same as the link in the email, the link is not tracked. If the link in the bottom left corner of your browser window differs from the one in the email body, the link is tracked.
How to use tracked links and not decrease email deliverability.

Using anchored links is the solution. To track the links in emails and not hurt your email deliverability, attach URLs to text. This way, there will be no visible links in the email body, just text leading to necessary website, and it will look something like this.

This way, links will not go through strict filtering and your deliverability won’t be affected much if at all.

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