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How to add an Unsubscribe link to your email drip campaign emails

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To reduce the spam complaint rate you can let your recipients unsubscribe from your emails. To do this, you need to add an Unsubscribe link to emails.

Please note, unsubscribe links are not common for cold emails. If you want to maintain the feeling of personal one-on-one correspondence, we do not recommend adding it to your cold email campaigns.

When building the campaign, you can insert an Unsubscribe link into every email individually. Click the Email element. On the right sidebar, click the More button (three dots) and in the dropdown menu, choose Add an unsubscribe link.


In the pop-up window type in the unsubscribe text. The added word or word combination is the unsubscribe link.

Note: Use one or two words in your unsubscribe link to not make the unsubscribe link too long. For example, “If you do not want to hear from me anymore, click here”, where here is the unsubscribe link.

When the recipient clicks the link, a new window opens, informing them they’ve been successfully unsubscribed

If a recipient unsubscribes from an email in a campaign, the status of the recipient turns to “Unsubscribed” in all active email campaigns launched for this person. All launched campaigns stop for this recipient.

Note: When creating the campaign, if you choose the option “Send to all emails” (when one recipient has more than one email address) and the recipient unsubscribes from one of the email addresses, the campaign will stop only for the unsubscribed email. Emails will continue for the rest of this recipient’s emails.

When you launch a new email drip campaign and add the unsubscribed recipient to it, the campaign won’t start for this recipient until you change the recipient’s “Unsubscribed” status.

You can change it manually. Go to the Prospects tab and click on an unsubscribed recipient. In the Prospect’s profile, click the Edit button. In the Tag field, delete the Unsubscribed tag manually. Once the status is changed, you can send emails to this prospect again.

If you want to see all the unsubscribed recipients, go to the campaign Statistics. In the Overview tab, you will see the number and the percentage of unsubscribed recipients. Click the Unsubscribed block to see a detailed list of unsubscribers.

If you do not want to add an Unsubscribe link in every email manually, it can be attached to the email signature that will appear in every email sent from this sender’s email account. Go to the account settings, and click the Edit button next to the email address. Add an unsubscribe link to the signature.

Note: Please make sure you only include one Unsubscribe link in your email. It is not recommended to add two or even more unsubscribe links, both in the email signature and in the email body because it will be easier to drive the recipients from the main goal.

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