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How to create and use templates

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Have you ever found yourself writing the same email or building the same campaign again and again? Templates will help you save time, stay consistent and increase productivity by offering a variety of email and campaign templates for multiple purposes, as well as an option to create and save your own templates.

How to create an email template

There are two ways to create and save email templates in

1. On the campaign builder page, write the subject line and the email copy that you want to save and use in future drip campaigns. At the bottom of the email window, click Save as a template button.

2. To create an email template from the Drip Campaigns tab, navigate to the Templates section.

Сlick Create an email template button.

A pop-up window will appear where you’ll be able to create your email template. Please, choose the folder for the new template or create a new folder. Name your template, fill in the subject line, and create the email body.
In your template, you have an option to add any personalization and customization, insert links, etc. Note, there’s no option to save attachments to the template. When you’re ready, save your template by clicking Save.

How to use an email template

To use the template you’ve created and saved, start a new email and click the Use a template button to select the template you need for the campaign.

How to create the Campaign template

There are also a few ways to create and save whole Drip Campaign templates:

1. If you want to save one of the previously used campaigns as a template, you can navigate to campaign options and select the option Save as a template.

2. You can also create a drip campaign template from the Templates window in the Email Drip Campaigns tab.

Navigate to the Campaign templates section and click on Create a campaign template button.

Create the campaign that will be used as a template, enter all the necessary data into the blocks, and, in order to save the template of your drip campaign, click Save as a campaign template button.

In the pop-up window, choose the folder for your new drip campaign template and fill in the name of the template and save it.

How to use a campaign template

To use a campaign template, please click on the drop-down icon next to the New drip campaign button and choose the Create from template option.

Select the template you want to use and click the Create button to start editing a new drip campaign based on this template.

How to edit an email or drip campaign template

If you want to edit one of your templates, navigate to the Templates section and choose the template you want to edit, Email or Campaign, from the folder. Сlick on the name of the template that you want to edit. Make the necessary changes and Save them.

Happy sending!

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