How to get email addresses from a domain

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1. Choose  Domain Search in the Tools menu.

To find all the email addresses attached to a specific web domain, choose the Domain Search in the list of Tools.

2. Perform the search.

This tool is very easy to use – all you need to do is type in a company’s domain name in the field like in the example below.

3. Save the results

Once the search is completed, you can save all or any found domain emails for 1 credit.
!Please note that the maximum amount of emails per page is 100, meaning you can only save 100 emails at a time.


If you ever want to review the searched companies, all the domains searched via this tool will be saved to your Plugin History, which you can find in the Businesses tab:

To view more details about the searched company and check if there are any personal contacts, please click on the company name and you’ll be redirected to company profile.

If you want to see the blurred emails, mark the checkboxes of the needed prospects and add them to one of your prospects lists.
Adding Personal Contacts costs an additional 1 credit per prospect, as it also contains information like verified emails, job position, and other details.

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