How to get email addresses from a list of domains.

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  1. Choose “Bulk domain search” in Snovio tools.

   2. Choose the source for a search.

You have 2 options:

! Please note your list should contain no more than 20,000 domains/companies.

   3. Set up import options.

First of all, decide how many email addresses are needed to get the maximum from every domain. Then you can choose the type of contacts you get. Here are 2 options.

The first option is “email addresses only” and it contains 3 sub-options. Let’s explain:

  • Generic (email addresses dedicated to a domain, e.g.
  • Personal (email addresses for employees of a company)
  • All other (sometimes smaller companies have 1 email address for the whole team)

You may choose all variants.

The second option is “Prospects”. This means you can get not just email addresses, but full contact information (such as job titles, location etc.)

! Note that if you choose the 1st option, we charge 2 credits for every domain searched no matter how many email addresses we find. Otherwise, if you search prospects, we charge 1 credit for every prospect.

   4. All settings are ready. Click the “Start search” button.

   5. Wait for your search to complete.

   6. When your search is over, you can export the results to your prospects list.

You’ll see the message showing you how many credits will be charged.

  7. You can go to the list and work with it inside the Snovio app, or export a CSV file to your computer.

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