How to purchase a plan with SNOV tokens

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If you’re paying for a plan with SNOV tokens, you will receive a 30% discount.

In case you don’t own SNOV, here’s a Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing SNOV Tokens.


First, make sure that you’ve specified your ETH wallet in your Account settings.


Then, go to the Snovio Pricing page.

Scroll down and you will see an option to buy a plan with SNOV tokens. 


Click on it and you will be redirected to a page with Snovio plans for token users.


Select the plan you need and click the Buy button.


After clicking, you will see the instructions with Snovio’s wallet number and a field where you have to paste the TxHash of the transaction.


You can also find the instructions on how to perform crypto transactions in the Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing SNOV Tokens.


If the order was successful, you will see the following message.


Our team will send a confirmation email to the email address you’ve specified in your account.

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