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How To Reset Your Gmail Account Validity

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If you have noticed that your Gmail account now shows as invalid no need to panic, this can be easily fixed.

snovio email verifier interface

Here are a few simple steps to make it valid again:
Step 1

Go to your Gmail account by clicking the little icon in the corner of your browser and then clicking My Account button.

Gmail-my account

Step 2

Go to the Sign-in & Security section and open the list of applications to which you’ve granted permission to access your Google Account.

app with account

Step 3

In the Apps with access to your account section, click on Manage apps. Find Snovio application in the list and remove its access to your account by clicking the corresponding button.

remove access

Step 4

Once you’ve performed that step, open your profile and navigate to the Email Accounts section in the Settings. First, delete the invalid email, and only then add a new one. Your email is now valid and you’re ready to go.

account snovio

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