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How to send an email directly from any website

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Looking for a simple way to send a quick message? Found an email address with Snovio and want to contact this person instantly? Now you can! This is our New Year present to you.

The procedure is very simple. Just choose an email address among those found and  yes, you can send messages in bulk.

When you use this feature for the first time, you’ll see the message which redirects you to your account settings, this is where you’ll have to set up your SMTP. Or you can set it up first manually,

To do this go to your email account settings.

Then click on the “add” button to create a new email account for sending messages. If you have a Gmail account, you can just choose this option and the settings will be added automatically. Otherwise, you’ll have to add them manually.

You’ll be directed to the page with SMTP settings. Here you are to add the info about your SMTP host (you can find it in the SMTP settings of your email account). The name of the page with these settings can vary depending on your email provider.
You can learn how to set up an SMTP account in more detail in this article.

Now you can send messages directly from the extension. Just write your message and send it. The next time, you’ll have the option to choose your previous messages as templates.

After successfully sending an email, you’ll see this message.

And the main advantage of this feature is that it is absolutely free!

Enjoy quick simple messaging with Snovio.

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