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How to track your replies

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Replied status allows you to track:

  • For the whole campaign overview;
  • The total number of responses received;
  • The percentage of replied emails from the number of all emails sent;
  • For specific email in sequence;
  • Amount of subscribers who replied;
  • The percentage of recipients who replied (for this email) from overall amount of recipients.

How does it works?

  • sets connection with your email account by IMAP and SMTP.
  • Reply is detected within approximately 10 minutes (if there are any delays with connection, it can take some more time).
  • synchronizes with main Inbox folder, so if you need to archive, have folders or forward emails, please make sure that a copy of email is visible in your Inbox folder.

Here is an example:

  • System sets “Replied” status automatically, when detects a reply on the email sent within the Drip Campaign feature.
  • System doesn’t consider autoreplies and bounces as a reply.
  • For recipients with “Replied” status the sequence stops.
  • You can continue sending the campaign to recipients who replied by changing their status to “Active”.

How to view statistics for replies:

To view overall amount of replies for selected campaign, received from a particular recipient, check REPLIES column in Recipients tab.
You can filter recipients by number of replies: (No reply, 1 and more, 3 and more):

In case system loses connection with your account, campaign sending will be paused and a notification will be displayed:

To restart paused campaign, please reset your account validity and press Start button in your campaign overview.

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