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Limits and statuses for Drip Campaigns Feature

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1. How much Drip Campaign Feature costs?
You don’t have to pay separately for this feature. It is included into every plan.

2. How many emails can I send using Drip Campaign Feature?
Each plan has particular limit for recipients:
XS plan  – up to 30 recipients
S plan – up to 1k recipients
M plan – up to 3k recipients
L plan – up to 10k recipients
And XL plan has Unlimited recipients.

More info about our pricing you can find here.

3. What is recipient?
By recipient we mean a unique email address(recipient), which you send your campaign to during current billing period.
It means that when you are sending initial email to a specific recipient in current billing period, the number of unique recipients increases. For further emails, sent in the same billing period, the amount won’t be increased.

4. What if I have more recipients than my current plan allows?
Recipients, to whom campaign wasn’t sent because of exceeding limits, will get status  Over Limit”.
You can resume sending to them by clicking the Resume the campaign button after upgrading or billing plan renewal:

Note: If you have more active recipients than your plan allows, emails will be sent randomly.

5. What will happen with unused slots after upgrading my plan?

If you upgrade your plan, unused slots from previous billing period will be added to current plan slots.
In addition, during new billing period you can send emails to recipients from previous billing period for free.

6. How do I track open rate, click rate and other statistics?
You can view statistics in your Drip Campaign overview in Statistics tab:


7. How can I check, if campaign is running for a particular recipient?
You can check list of your recipients and statuses for each of them in Recipients tab:

Every item in the list contains: Email, Link to prospect (will be opened in a new window), and Status.

Status can be: Active, Pause, Finished, Over Limit or Replied:

Active: Campaign is running for this recipient.
Pause: Sequence for paused recipient is stopped. To launch sequence, change status to “Active”.
Finished: System sets this status automatically when campaign is complete. It cannot be set manually, this status is terminal.
Over Limit: System sets this status automatically if you’ve exceeded limits for sending emails. To launch sequence, make sure that your limits were reset and change status to “Active”.
Replied: System sets this status automatically if recipient replies. For recipients with “Replied” status the sequence stops. You can continue sending the campaign to recipients who replied by changing their status to “Active”.

8. How do I stop campaign for a particular recipient?
Click on Status button next to the recipient’s name and in the drop-down menu select Paused.

9. What do I do, if I’ve exceeded limits for recipients?

If you exceed limits for recipients, you’ll get following notifications:


If you want to continue sending suspended part of campaign, please upgrade your plan (or wait till your billing period renews).
After that, press the “Resume the campaign” button to transfer recipients from Over limit status to Active and start sending campaign.


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